Here you will find answers to the questions we are asked most frequently by prospective and current students.

Whether you've decided Kent is the place for you, you're still weighing up your options, or you're already here, we've divided up the answers to the most common questions below.

Choosing your accommodation

We have over 5,000 rooms for students on our Canterbury campus (about 60% are en-suite). 

At Pier Quays, near the Medway campus there are over 1,000 en-suite rooms available for students.

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to their room 'must haves'. Whether your top spot is it's distance to lectures, how many people you share a bathroom with or how much it costs these are all things you'll need to consider when making your room choices. It can seem overwhelming but take a look at our blog which covers the four questions you need to ask yourself to find the right room for you

We are proud to be able to offer many of our students a guaranteed room offer. All new first-year students will receive an offer of accommodation if they: 

  • Are applying for a full time course at Canterbury or Medway 
  • Apply before 30 June on the year of entry
  • Make Kent their firm choice 

Read our accommodation guarantee for more information.

Subject to availability, we also make the decision every year if this guarantee can be extended to late, adjustment or clearing applicants. This information will also be available on the accommodation guarantee page when available.  

Yes, we have a number of accessible and adapted rooms at both our campuses for students with disabilities or special requirements.

Please find out more about the rooms we have available and support in place on our accessible accommodation page.  

You can find out all you need to know on our how to apply for accommodation blog post

In short, you need to register your details at our website and apply for accommodation online once our applications pages go live in mid-January. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your last name (or family name)
  • Your UCAS ID number (10 digits) or your Kent student ID number (8 digits)
  • Your date of birth, eg 03/01/2003
  • An email address (a school email address is probably not suitable).

Once you have successfully applied online, you will receive an automated email message confirming receipt of your application.

You will receive another email message advising you where you have been allocated University accommodation (subject to eligibility and availability). This message will be from, so please ensure that this address is saved.

We allocate our rooms on a first come first served basis, meaning the earlier you apply the more likely you are to receive one of your top two preferences. 

We do have a number of other considerations we also factor in to room allocation which you can read about via our blog:

Yes, you can change your accommodation preferences at any time before 14  July 2024 for new students, or 15 February 2024 for returning students.  

All you need to do is log back into your account and amend your choices. There are no penalties for this and any preference changes will not change your initial application date.

If you have received a room offer that you are not happy with, then please do not immediately reject your offer as this could remove your application from our systems. Instead contact the Accommodation Team who will be able to discuss your options.

Accommodation prices are located at the top of each accommodation area's page including for Pier Quays in Medway.

All our Canterbury accommodation prices are available on our dedicated prices page as well as the price list for the previous academic year as well.

All accommodation contracts include your utilities (water, gas, electricity, heating and Wi-Fi) and Kent Sport membership. If you live in part-catered accommodation your accommodation fees will also include the cost of your meal plan.

For many this will be your first time moving away from home and experiencing independent living. 

Living at university is different from being at home as aside from living with new people the biggest change for some is getting to grips with independent living as you become responsible for everything from making dinner, what time you come home on a night out, to cleaning, but this is what moving out is all about.

Of course all home environments are different, and some of you will have already experienced independent living, so whilst life will be different, there are still some rules in place in University accommodation. Any rules in place are to ensure that every resident and member of staff can live in an safe environment which promotes a positive experience for all. When you move in to University accommodation you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, which are effectively the rules for you and us to adhere to. Further information is also available in the Accommodation Handbook.   

All our Canterbury campus accommodation adheres to the Student Accommodation Code (SAC) and our Pier Quays accommodation in Medway is part of the National Code of Assured Accommodation (NCAA).

You can find out more about these independent regulators at their websites: The SAC and the NCAA

Yes, we set aside a number of rooms across our Canterbury campus and in Pier Quays at Medway for returning, full-time students and can even guarantee a room offer for early applicants!

In Canterbury, you can live in any of our accommodation options except Turing College which is reserved for first year students, and in Pier Quays we prioritise allocating returning students to phase 2 rooms (subject to availability). We also have KMMS returning student accommodation.

Accommodation applications made directly through Kent for returning students open in mid-January and you can apply with your friends so you can live together and enjoy all the same benefits as your first year (no deposits, free sports membership, bills and insurance included, and shorter contracts to name a few).

Find out more about returning student accommodation and the great included benefits.

You will need to apply between 1 November and early-mid December (the deadline will depend on your course start date).  Learn more about application deadlines and arrival dates January starters.

Students on programmes with a term abroad should apply to live in Darwin Houses where shorter fixed term accommodation contracts are offered. 

Kent and Medway Medical School students should refer to the KMMS accommodation pages.   

Students undertaking a foundation year can live in any of our undergraduate accommodations, and you apply online just the same as all students seeking accommodation at Kent.

As long as you apply before 30 June and meet our criteria you will be guaranteed to receive a room offer from us. 

You can also apply to live on campus for your official first year and the remainder of your course as a returning student

In Canterbury, we have a number of accommodation blocks across all our areas set aside for students who would prefer a quieter living environment, called lifestyle moderate rooms.

Students living in these areas are expected to adopt a moderate lifestyle in respect of alcohol, amplified music and sound, and the way in which they socialise within the accommodation.

We do not guarantee a permanently quiet or alcohol-free environment, but grouping likeminded people together is intended to support this choice of lifestyle.

These areas are not monitored more closely than other accommodations, as residents are expected to independently self-manage their living environment. However, there are mechanisms for addressing those who persistently fail to live in accordance with expectations.

There is limited availability and it is not guaranteed that all applicants will be successful, but if you would like to live in lifestyle moderated rooms you should include this in your accommodation application.

Yes, in addition to other financial support available at Kent to students, we have three accommodation specific schemes. 

For new and returning students based on the Canterbury campus, you can sign up to our Open Day show rooms scheme when applying for accommodation. If you take part will receive a 5% discount on your accommodation fees. 

For postgraduate and returning undergraduate students, our ResLife Team  recruit ResLife Ambassadors for each college (Canterbury and Medway). Successful applicants receive a significant discount on their accommodation fees (50% in 24/25)

Please note, both of these schemes are popular with students meaning it is always best to apply early to increase your chances.

If you have an essential need for a specific type of accommodation due to a disability, medical condition or mobility issue, you may also be eligible for a reduction in accommodation fees. 

Images across this site are for illustrative purposes only and are meant to be used as guides for what a room/kitchen looks like in that area. Individual rooms will vary and with 5,000+ rooms on our at Canterbury campus alone there's a high chance that the room pictured won't be the room you end up moving into. 

In the videos/images on our website, these rooms have either been dressed with products from our partner supplier UniKitOut and a range of high-street stores or using items brought by the student living there at the time of recording/photographing. You can see what is included in your room for when you arrive by visiting our Canterbury Living On Campus webpage (or What's included at Pier Quays)

Your application and arriving at Kent

Accommodation offers for undergraduate students are emailed once you have an unconditional offer to study at Kent, and once you have made Kent your firm choice. For most students this will be during the week after publication of the A Level results. 

You then need to view and accept or decline the offer of accommodation within a short time of receiving the accommodation offer. 

Take a look at our Medway or Canterbury application timelines for more information.

Due to the Data Protection Act 1998 the University cannot provide you with the details of your new flat and house mates. However, many students visit the Official University of Kent Freshers Group on Facebook to meet other new students.

If you choose to use any social media to find flat mates please remember that the majority of these sites are public and anyone can view your name and possibly your address online including other personal details.

There is no parking available for students living on the Canterbury campus or at Pier Quays in Medway. You can only bring a car on campus during the arrivals period when you/your family arrive/unpack. For guidance on car parking, please consult the Transport website.

The UniBus runs frequently between the Canterbury campus and city centre and there is a subsidised season ticket scheme in operation for students as well as a free shuttle bus which runs between the Canterbury and Medway campuses.

Further details on local transport facilities are available from the Estates Department.

Your accommodation fees should be paid within two weeks from the start of term, or before you arrive at the University. Payments are made online and more information is available from the Student Finance web pages.  

You can read our blog 'Accommodation Fees: what they are, when they're due and how to pay them' for more information.

What type of cooker is included in your accommodation depends on where you live.

  • Darwin College & Houses: electric hobs and ovens.
  • Keynes Flats & Houses: electric hobs and ovens.
  • Park Wood: varies per court.
      • Bossenden Court, Denstead Court, Ellenden Court, Farthings Court, Grimshill Court, Kemsdale Court, Lypeatt Court, Nickle Court, and Stock Court: gas hobs and electric ovens.
      • Bishopden Court, Clowes, Homestall Court, Purchas Court, Marley Court, Thornden Court, Tudor Court, and Willows Court: gas hobs and ovens.  
  • Turing College: electric hobs and ovens 
  • Tyler Court A: electric hobs and ovens
  • Tyler Court B & C: Gas hobs and ovens
    • Tyler Court B flat 3 and Tyler Court C flats 7 and 8 have an induction cooker, meaning you will need induction or heavy bottomed pans.

You can apply for returning student accommodation online through the MyAccommodation Portal (same as in your first year). 

Accommodation applications made directly through Kent for returning students open in mid-January and you can apply with your friends so you can live together and enjoy all the same benefits as your first year. We are also guaranteeing a room offer for early applicants!

We also have KMMS returning student accommodation which will open for applications in February. You will be emailed the link to book returning accommodation before the application opening date.

Find out more about returning student accommodation and the great included benefits.

This will depend on where you live, however most students will arrive during the Arrivals period in September. On your arrival date you can collect your keys (or fobs) from your college reception. You can check reception opening hours here.

Once you have completed your e-induction within The MyAccommodation Portal you will be asked to book an arrivals slot. You should download or print a copy of this (along with an unloading permit) before you arrive. 

Should your plans change you can log back in to your MyAccommodation Portal up to 48 hours before your arrival and edit your arrivals slot (subject to availability). If your plans change within 48 hours of your arrival contact the Accommodation Team to notify them.

Canterbury: Head to your college reception where you would collect your keys. Once here a phone or call-point is available outside the reception which can be used to contact Campus Security (alternatively call them on +44(0)1227 823300). Tell them which reception you are at and that you need to collect your keys and one of the team will come over to let you in. You will need to show your Arrivals Pass to Security to collect your keys and return to reception in the morning during opening hours to complete signing in.

Medway: If you expect to arrive outside normal hours, please contact Pier Quays in advance to ensure your keys are available to collect  

Knowing what to pack can be a difficult decision, but the best place to start is to check what is already included in your room so you don't double up on anything.

Further advice on what to pack and everything you need to know about arrivals from current Kent staff and students is available on our arrivals pages.

To collect your key/fob you will need:

Canterbury: You will need to have a digital/printed copy of your Arrivals Pass to collect your keys. It is also a good idea to have a form of official ID. Please note keys will not be issued to anyone other than the room occupant.

If you will be arriving by car then you will need an unloading permit. You must print this before you arrive so that it can be displayed in your car whilst it is on campus. Please make sure your Unloading Pass has a QR code clearly visible (if it doesn't please re-download from your MyAccommodation Portal)

Medway: You will need an official form of ID to collect your keys

The safety of our students, staff and visitors is our top priority and we have taken a number of measures to minimise risks.

COVID-19 Precautions
To find out more about the latest COVID-19 safety guidance and measures on campus please visit Kent's COVID-19 pages.

In line with Public Health Guidance we still strongly recommend and support self-isolation any student who tests positive whilst living on campus for the safety of other students and staff.  

Currently there are no travel restrictions in place for international visitors to the UK meaning you will not need to self-isolate on your arrival.  However it is always a good idea to double check the Government website (including foreign travel advice) for any travel measures or restrictions in place at the time of your journey  

Living on campus

If you watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV – on any device including a laptop – you need to be covered by a TV Licence. It’s the law.

You can see if you need a TV licence, and how to pay it online via If your room already has a TV in it (extra large en-suite rooms in Becket Court, Keynes and Turing Colleges) your TV licence is included in the accommodation charges. 

Officers make visits to check students are properly licensed, so it’s important to make sure you’re covered. You may risk prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.  

If you don't need a TV licence you can notify them online at

Whether you can stay in your accommodation over the vacation periods depends on where you live. 

  • All self-catering accommodation: you can stay throughout the winter and spring vacation periods. This includes Pier Quays.
  • Becket Court and Keynes College (Blocks F, G, H and I): you must move out during the winter and spring vacation. 
  • Eliot and Rutherford Colleges: you only need to move out for winter vacation.

If you must move out for the spring vacation all of your belongings must be removed from the room. We also advise taking important/valuable items with you during the winter vacation as while items can still be kept in the room over this period there is no access allowed over this period is not allowed.  

If you need to stay on campus over a vacation period not included in your  accommodation contract you can book this through the Accommodation Office in advance of the vacation period by following the guidance on our vacation accommodation webpage.

There has to be a degree of compromise when living in student occupied accommodation. Inevitably there may be some disagreements from time to time between neighbours. However there are guidelines concerning noise levels, and household routines, which are intended to be of benefit to all residents.

Should you experience frequent disturbances or other problems, from noisy or inconsiderate neighbours, that you are unable to resolve yourself there are other options. 

If you live in Canterbury, please refer to the Accommodation Handbook for full details on how to move forward appropriately. If you live in Pier Quays please follow Unite Students' protocol

It is you and your flat mates responsibility to keep your accommodation clean.

However, we have a Housekeeping Team in every college who will help support you with advice as well as provide a deep clean once in the Autumn and Spring terms. To help you keep your accommodation clean we provide all Canterbury campus accommodation with cleaning equipment including InnuScience cleaning products and microfibre cloths. 

More information and advice from our housekeeping team on keeping your room clean is available online

This will depend on where you live. You can find the dates you need to move in/out by logging in to the MyAccommodation Portal or our vacation accommodation webpage.

For many of you this will be your first time living away from home and with new people so there is likely to be an adjustment period for all. 

Remember this when you have a problem with a house mate and try to be patient. Clear communication amongst all your flat or house mates is key - don't let small problems build up and fester to become a big thing, as they may not be aware them. Often regular house meetings sort everything out (such as someone never tidying up in the kitchen).

Of course, sometimes there are situations which you can't resolve yourselves and on these occasions you can approach the Student Welfare and Community Life Team who are experienced mediators and can either try and help with the situation or be able to direct you on your next steps depending on the situation (for example a room move or referral to another department).

All the laundry facilities on campus are provided by an external company called Circuit Laundry. Sadly, this means that we cannot fix any problems you experience as you need to directly report these to Circuit for assistance.

Circuit Laundry contact information:
You can contact them online or via one of their helplines as listed below. 

General enquiries: 01422 820360 or 0800 032 0070, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm.

Queries about laundry cards, top-up enquiries, machine faults and breakdowns: 01442 820026, Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm; Saturday 8.30am to 3pm; Sunday 8.30am to 1pm.

You will need to move out by 10am on the date stated in your accommodation agreement. Read our top tips for things you need to do when moving out for more information.

You must return your key/fob to reception when you leave. If reception is closed you can either use their key drop box or take your key/fob to Campus Security and email to notify us this is where you have returned your key. 

Please note, even if you are returning to live on campus again next year you cannot leave any items in your room. Sadly we do not have any storage facilities on campus for student belongings, but a number of independent local or national companies offer services that can help with storage/shipping.

If you wish to stay on campus over the summer vacation we have vacation accommodation available that you can pre-book.

We want to ensure our accommodation facilities and services meet the needs of our students, so if you have a suggestion for improvement you can always contact us to let us know or share your thoughts during one of our anonymous student surveys which happen throughout the year. 

If you have a complaint then please let us know by following our complaints procedure.

Staying safe in your accommodation

When you complete your accommodation e-induction you will be asked to watch a short Fire and Safety video. This covers the basics of fire safety in our accommodation and is a good place to start. 

If you live in our Canterbury accommodation, you will also be able to download a copy of the Accommodation Handbook to read, there is lots of information including electrical, cooking safety advice within this document.

You can access both the video and Handbook via your account in the MyAccommodation Portal or in the Living on Campus important documents section of our Living on Campus page.

If you live in Pier Quays, Unite Students will have fire safety information available online for you to access.

Canterbury: We test the fire alarms in all our colleges weekly. You can check the day and time for your area in the Accommodation Handbook.

Medway: Visit Pier Quays reception if you have any concerns about fire alarm testing.

Please note it is a violation of your student code of conduct to knowingly set off or disable a fire alarm or misuse any fire safety equipment. If you are caught you will be punished in line with the Student Disciplinary Charter.

This will depend on the type of emergency but generally you should contact Campus Security asap either via the phone or the SafeZone app. We do however have some specialised procedures in case of event specific emergencies (e.g. for a bomb scare you should follow the Run, Hide Tell procedure) so you should familiarise yourself with the information available on the Campus Security website and in the Accommodation Handbook (which includes information on fire, electrical and personal safety).

You can also check the University's safety pages for Canterbury or Medway for more information on personal safety in and around campus.   

Yes for basic first aid you can visit a college reception or Campus Security.

For medical treatment you can access University Nursing Services (which is open 24/7 during term time and located next to Campus Security on the Canterbury campus and also offers contraceptive advice). For regular nurse or GP appointments (including medication) you should register at the University Medical Centre located on the Canterbury campus near Keynes College so you can access the full medical services available to you.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency you can call Campus Security's Emergency phone line via +44 (0)1227 823333 as the closest responders or 999.

If you are based at Medway, local medical centres can be found on Kent's Health Services page.

The Student Support and Wellbeing Team are here to help. They have a multiple services that you can access which offer offer support for a range of reasons. These including counselling, long term health conditions, sexual assault and support groups to name a few.

For emergency support please follow the information available here.

You can bring a range of electrical items as long as they are safe (see the relevant sections in the Accommodation Handbook). All electricals should be designed for 240V usage (UK electrical items). If yours uses a different voltage (e.g an item from America) you must use a safe, suitable transformer/adapter (purchasable in all college receptions).

You cannot install any white goods (e.g. mini-fridge or microwave) into your bedroom and are not permitted to install any additional electrical wiring, aerials or use multiple lead extensions connected together (i.e. daisy chaining). 

If an unsafe or prohibited electrical item is found during an inspection then the item shall be removed and stored by Housekeeping. You will be notified and you will be able to collect the item before you leave campus (for vacation or at the end of term). Please note items will need to be reclaimed before the end of the academic year due to limited storage. Any unclaimed items are donated or recycled.

If you wish to get a small electrical item safety checked you can do so for for free on campus. All you need to do is email Templeman Library's Helpdesk requesting an electrical safety check for the item and include your upcoming availability. They will then reply with a time you can bring your item to the welcome desk to be checked. 

Please note that this check does not qualify as a Portable Appliance Test (PAT) test.  

If you are concerned about a larger electrical appliance in your accommodation, stop using the device and report this as a fault through the Home at Halls app as soon as possible so that a member of the Estates team can investigate.

If your electrical item is from abroad - you will need to use a safe transformer/adapter. These can be purchased online or from any accommodation college reception.

Canterbury: We include personal possessions insurance for free with your accommodation. You will have the opportunity to download your policy when completing your e-induction. You can revisit this in the MyAccommodation Portal or you can double check what is and is not covered online via the Insurance Policy available in the important documents section of our Living on Campus Page. At your own cost, you can also choose to extend your cover to provide you greater protection.

Medway: Unite Students also provides some insurance for students living in Pier Quays, You can find out more about the included policy online.

You can find out all you need to know about Campus Security via their website. You can also check the university's safety pages for Canterbury or Medway for more information on personal safety.  

You should also download the free SafeZone app whilst at Kent.

Canterbury: Campus Security are available 24/7 every day of the year (including vacation periods).

They provide a range of services including a walking taxi service as well as enforce regulations across campus (for example noise complaints).

Canterbury non-emergency number: +44 (0)1227 823300
Canterbury emergency number: +44 (0)1227 823333

Medway: Campus Security are also present at the Medway Campus, however an external security company are also appointed to patrol and manage Pier Quays. They have direct links with Campus Security and if you would like to report an incident at Pier Quays you should visit reception (which manned by reception staff or Security outside opening hours). You can check the full reporting procedure here.

You can find out more information about our personal safety measures and what you can do on our Safety Guide webpage. Alternatively you can watch our Staying Safe video for a quick overview.

No, you may not smoke anywhere inside your accommodation or in any of the colleges. E-cigarettes are also included in this policy.

There are designated, signposted smoking areas outside that you can utilise if you wish to smoke.

Updated 25/02/22: In line with Public Health Guidance we still strongly recommend and support this for the safety of other students and staff on campus.

The University’s Student Support and Wellbeing Team remains on hand to offer free support to all students experiencing distress arising from psychological, emotional or mental health issues. Take a look at our self-isolating student support page for more information on what is available. 

To help with your self-isolation you can also use this cleaning rota (PFD 504) to schedule times to access your kitchen with your housemates if needed.

Please refer to the University procedure if experiencing symptoms of Covid-19

The safety of our students, staff and visitors is our top priority and we have taken a number of measures to minimise risks.

To find out more about the latest COVID-19 guidance and measures on campus please visit Kent's COVID-19 pages.

Changing your room/contract, leaving early or not arriving

Yes, you must return all keys/fobs to your accommodation reception before departing (either for vacation, at the end of your agreement, early departure or withdrawal). 

If reception is closed you can deposit your key/fob in the reception's drop box. Alternatively you can return your key/fob to Campus Security and email within 48 hours to notify us this is where you have returned your keys.

Failure to return keys/fobs on time can result in replacement fines and additional accommodation charges.

If you want to move out, but continue to study at Kent you are liable to pay your accommodation fees until a suitable replacement tenant can move in (as outlined in the Accommodation T&Cs). Should you still wish to leave, you will need to complete an Application for an Early Termination of the Agreement. Please note, completing this form does not mean your agreement will be ended early.

If there are additional factors you would like the University to consider, please send these in writing for formal consideration. Applications on the grounds of disability, medical condition or mental health will be reviewed by Student Support and Wellbeing and must be submitted by email. Please find further information about this in the Application for an Early Termination of the Agreement.

You must return your keys/fob to reception (or their key drop box out of hours) before you depart.

If you are also withdrawing from University read these additional instructions.

This information applies to students who applied to live in Pier Quays directly through the University rather than Unite Students. If you applied via Unite please contact them for more information.

If you want to move out but continue to study at the University, you should be aware that as outlined in the Accommodation T&Cs, you are liable to pay your fees until a suitable replacement tenant can move in, or for the full contract period. Currently it is unlikely you will be able to find a suitable replacement tenant.

If knowing this you still want to leave, you will need to notify Pier Quays as soon as possible.

If you're leaving due to a health need or extreme circumstance, please contact the Accommodation Team to discuss. In order to be considered for release on these grounds we need a supporting letter from a medical professional confirming university accommodation is unsuitable for you and explaining the reasons.

If you are withdrawing from University read these additional instructions 

If you are intermitting, withdrawing or deregistering, please read these additional instructions

Please note, it is your responsibility not your school’s/division’s to notify the Accommodation Office (and Pier Quays if you live in Medway and booked your accommodation directly through the University rather than Unite Students) that you may not be arriving on campus or vacating your campus accommodation early due to your circumstance. If you accepted an offer of accommodation on campus, you must complete an Application for an Early Termination of the Agreement.

If you are taking re-sits without attendance during term-time, you will also need to complete the Application for an Early Termination of the Agreement.

If you live in Pier Quays and booked your room through Unite Students you will need to contact them direct to discuss the procedure you need to follow.  

More info is available in your Accommodation T&Cs or Handbook.  

Canterbury: If you are unhappy with where you live, we recommend that you contact us in the Accommodation Office who will be able to offer support and talk through your concerns. If you have issues about room cleanliness or maintenance you can also speak to Housekeeping.

In certain circumstances, we may also be able to offer a room move.

Any student wishing to apply for a room change must contact the Accommodation Team using the online form in November. Full information on room move dos and don'ts and how to apply is available on our living on campus page.  

Once a transfer has been officially agreed, arranged and completed there is a £50 change of contract fee   

Please note, informal exchanges of rooms are not permitted and may result in fines. 

You can also read the Terms and Conditions of the Accommodation Agreement to find out more. 

Medway: If you are living in Pier Quays and wish to move rooms you should contact Pier Quays directly to discuss your concerns.

You should always make arrangements for any items to be shipped or stored before you leave as you and all belongings are expected to have left by the end of your accommodation agreement. 

However, if due to extenuating circumstances you don't think you will be able to return to campus to collect your belongings before the end of your agreement you can nominate another University of Kent student to pack up and collect your belongings, with prior consent from the Accommodation Team.

To arrange this you you will need to email the Accommodation Office with at least 3 working days notice. 

In the email you should include:

  • Your name 
  • Your student number
  • Your campus address 
  • Your contact number
  • Name of your friend 
  • Their student number
  • The date they are coming.

There are also a number of local and national companies, independent from the University, offering storage, shipping and packing services. See the below question for more information.

Find out more information about moving out on our webpage.  

Unfortunately we are unable to offer any storage facilities for students on campus, meaning you should always make arrangements for any items to be shipped or stored that you are not taking with you before you leave. As outlined in your terms and conditions you and all your belongings are expected to have left by the end of your accommodation agreement. 

There are a number of local companies offering storage facilities (independent from the University) that can offer storage or shipping services until you are able to return with some also offering a packing service.

If under extreme circumstances you have had to leave and have arranged for a company to come onto campus to pack your belongings after you have left, you will need to email the Accommodation Office with at least 5 working days notice. 

In the email you should include:

  • Your name 
  • Student number
  • Campus address 
  • Your contact number
  • Name of the company collecting your items
  • The date they are coming.

You will need to contact the Accommodation Office as soon as possible if you will not be arriving or can no longer occupy your room to discuss your options.

Typically, your room agreement and accommodation fees will then be ended early subject to a four-week notice period of the date of your notification providing you have officially intermitted your studies or opted to take re-sits without attending via your Division. 

If you do not notify the Accommodation Office of your non-arrival, you will still be considered as in need of accommodation and will continue to be charged accommodation fees. 

Woolf College Planned Building Enhancements 2023/24 and 2024/25

Planned building enhancements are taking place to improve the environmental properties including thermal performance (thereby reducing carbon emissions), acoustic comfort, water resistance and durability of the exterior to the accommodation blocks at Woolf College.

The current plan is for the work to take place from September 2023 to September 2025.

To minimise noise, disturbance, and visual obstruction across all of Woolf College blocks, the work will be carried out in phases so that only the blocks having enhancements will be impacted during that specific time.

Yes, it is safe for people to live in Woolf College whilst work is ongoing. Building enhancements are being carried out on external features of the buildings which will not affect the internal structure nor its foundations.

Working hours are expected to be Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm and Saturdays 8am – 1pm. Any changes to these hours will be communicated closer to commencement of the building enhancements. 

Disruption will try to be kept to a minimum and monitored closely on a periodic basis. Access equipment, such as ladders, platforms or scaffolding, may need to be used and as such may obstruct the view from your window when work is being carried out on the block you live in.  

Access or movement within the buildings will not be impacted during the planned maintenance.    

Translucent film will be applied externally to windows of the buildings being worked on. The film allows you to look out of your window but will prevent people from seeing in.

The current plan is to complete the building enhancements as efficiently as possible by working through the year including the exam period with careful management to minimise disruption and inconvenience, however this will remain under review and any changes communicated to you in due course.

The current plan is to offer Woolf College residents a discount on rent during the weeks their block is undergoing building enhancements however the level of compensation will depend on the approach to the building enhancements for which options are currently being developed. Please look out for further communication on this following selection of the preferred option. Any agreed rental discount would be applied to your student account once the works to your block has been completed.

If you are unhappy whilst work is taking place, we recommend that you contact the Accommodation Office who will be able to offer support and talk through your concerns.

In certain circumstances we may also be able to offer a room move, but this is not guaranteed.

Any student wishing to apply for a room move must apply using the online form in November. Full information on room moves is available on our living on campus page.  

Please note, informal exchanges of rooms are not permitted under any circumstances.

You can also read the Terms and Conditions of the Accommodation Agreement to find out more.

Please contact the Accommodation Office if you have any feedback, questions, or concerns.


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