Here you will find answers to the questions we are asked most frequently by prospective and current students. If you have any queries not answered here, please get in touch.

Please note, the below FAQs are the more general questions we get asked.  See our specific Coronavirus Accommodation FAQs, which covers:

  • September 2021 accommodation
  • Winter vacation 2021
  • January 2022 arrivals
  • Self-isolation accommodation

FAQ list

There are 5,400 rooms at the Canterbury campus and 1,100 rooms at Pier Quays (formerly Liberty Quays) near the Medway campus.

Accommodation will be offered to full-time undergraduate students in their first year of study, provided you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a full-time undergraduate student who has selected Kent as your first choice University and you applied before 31 July in the year of entry.
  • You are a postgraduate student holding an unconditional offer from Kent and you applied before 31 July in the year of entry.Your online application must be received by 31 July in the year of entry.
  • Insurance, Late, Adjustment or Clearing applicants will be offered accommodation subject to availability.

Yes we do at both campuses. 

For Canterbury campus, please refer to the Accessible accommodation page for full details. 

For Medway campus, please refer to the Pier Quays page (formerly Liberty Quays).

You need to register your details at our website and apply for accommodation online once our applications pages go live in mid-January. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your last name (or family name)
  • Your UCAS ID number (10 digits) or your Kent student ID number (8 digits)
  • Your date of birth, eg 03/01/1983
  • An email address (a school email address is probably not suitable).

Once you have successfully applied online, you will receive an automated email message confirming receipt of your application.

You will receive another email message advising you where you have been allocated University accommodation (subject to eligibility and availability). This message will be from, so please ensure that this contact is saved.

Accommodation offers for undergraduate students are emailed during the week after publication of the A Level results. You then need to view and accept or decline the offer of accommodation within seven days or less of receiving the accommodation offer. 

Take a look at our Medway or Canterbury application timelines for more information.

Due to the Data Protection Act 1998 the University cannot provide you with the details of your new flat and housemates. However, many students visit social networking sites such as Facebook to make contact with other people who will be living in their area.

If you choose to use any social media to find flat mates please remember that the majority of these sites are public and anyone can view your name and possibly your address online including other personal details.

See here for further information for arrivals at Canterbury and arrivals at Medway.  

What’s the quickest way to get a TV Licence?

Go to You can pay the licence fee in monthly Direct Debits, or by debit/credit card.

How do I know if I need a TV Licence?

If you watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV – on any device including a laptop – you need to be covered by a TV Licence. It’s the law.

What happens if I don’t get a TV Licence?

Officers make visits check students are properly licensed, so it’s important to make sure you’re covered. You may risk prosecution and a fine of up to £1,000.

What if I don’t need a licence?

Please let us know by visiting We may confirm this with a quick visit.

What type of cooker is included in your accommodation depends on where you live.

  • Darwin College & Houses: electric hobs and ovens.
  • Keynes Flats & Houses: electric hobs and ovens.
  • Park Wood: varies per court.
      • Bossenden Court, Denstead Court, Ellenden Court, Farthings Court, Grimshill Court, Kemsdale Court, Lypeatt Court, Nickle Court, and Stock Court: gas hobs and electric ovens.
      • Bishopden Court, Clowes, Homestall Court, Purchas Court, Marley Court, Thornden Court, Tudor Court, and Willows Court: gas hobs and ovens.  
  • Turing College: electric hobs and ovens 
  • Tyler Court A: electric hobs and ovens
  • Tyler Court B & C: Gas hobs and ovens
    •  Tyler Court C flat 7 has an induction cooker, meaning you will need induction or heavy bottomed pans.

There is no parking available for students living on the Canterbury campus. For guidance on car parking, please consult the Transport website.

The Unibus runs frequently between the campus and city centre and there is a subsidised season ticket scheme in operation for students. Further details on local transport facilities are available from the Estates Department.

Accommodation prices are located at the top of each accommodation area's page including for Pier Quays in Medway.

All our Canterbury accommodation prices are available on our dedicated Prices page as well as the price list for the previous academic year as well.

All accommodation contracts include your utilities (water, gas, electricity, heating and Wi-Fi) and Kent Sport membership. If you live in part-catered accommodation your accommodation fees will also include the cost of your meal plan.

Your accommodation fees should be paid within two weeks from the start of term, or before you arrive at the University. Payments are made online and more information is available from the Student Finance web pages.  

The accommodation agreement covers the period from 18 September 2021 until 15 September 2022.

In self-catered accommodation, the agreement covers the 39-week period from 18 September 2021 to 18 June 2022.

Bed and bistro accommodation at Keynes College or Becket Court, has an agreement that covers the following 31-week period:

Autumn Term - 18 September  to 18 December 2021 
Spring Term - 15 January 2022 to 9 April 2022
Summer Term - 7 May to 18 June 2022

Students in Keynes College or Becket Court may leave their possessions in their room over the winter vacation period but will not be able to personally occupy the accommodation. During the spring vacation period, students in bed and bistro accommodation must remove all their possessions and vacate their room

Please see our page on on vacation accommodation for more information.  

Bed and Flex accommodation at Rutherford or Eliot Colleges, has an agreement that covers the following 37-week period:

Autumn Term - 18 September to 22 December 2021
Spring Term / Summer Term - 3 January to 18 June 2022

Students will not be able to occupy their room during the University's winter break for Christmas/New Year, but will be able to leave their belongings in their room. 

If you want to live in University accommodation when your agreement has ended, you can apply to do so. You will have to pay for additional nights, based on the period the accommodation is booked for. Read more about vacation accommodation online. 

Whether you can stay in your accommodation over the vacation periods depends on where you live. 

  • All self-catering accommodation: you can stay throughout the winter and spring vacation periods.
  • Becket Court and Keynes College (Blocks F, G, H and I): you must move out during the winter and spring vacation. 
  • Eliot and Rutherford Colleges; you only need to move out for winter vacation.

If you must move out for the Spring vacation all of your belongings must be removed from the room, 

If you must move out for the winter vacation we also advise taking important/valuable items with you as access to the room over this period is not allowed.  

If you need to stay on campus over a vacation period not included in your  accommodation contract you can book this through the Accommodation Office by following the guidance on our vacation accommodation webpage.

If you choose to move out early, you must continue to pay the rent until the University finds a suitable replacement tenant to move in. However, you need to be aware this is not always possible and, in such cases, you do remain liable for the full contract period.

Due to the heavy demand at the start of the academic year for University accommodation, we regret that applications for room changes are not accepted until early November. 

Any student wishing to apply for a room change must contact the Accommodation Team in November.

For full information on room move dos and don'ts, including:

  • speaking to College Life Team about any pastoral or personal issues
  • speaking to Housekeeping about room cleanliness issues
  • informal exchanges of rooms are not permitted and may result in fines
  • once a transfer has been officially agreed, arranged and completed there is a £50 change of contract fee 

please see the Terms and Conditions of the Accommodation Agreement

You will become a member of one of the eight Colleges at registration. You can find out which College you have been allocated to at the Student Portal under the 'my details' link.

If you have any problems you would like to discuss with a member of University staff, that cannot be resolved by your academic department, a member of the College Life Team will be able to offer support or tell you advice and support or tell you where this is available.

There has to be a degree of compromise when living in student occupied accommodation. Inevitably there may be some disagreements from time to time between neighbours. However there are guidelines concerning noise levels, and household routines, which are intended to be of benefit to all residents.

Should you experience frequent disturbances or other problems, from noisy or inconsiderate neighbours, that you are unable to resolve yourself there are other options. Please refer to the Accommodation Handbook for full details on how to move forward appropriately. 

This information applies to students residing at the Canterbury campus only.

If you withdraw or intermit from University of Kent, you will be released from the Accommodation Agreement when your School has notified the Accommodation Office in writing of your changed status and you have cleared your room and checked out at the relevant Reception. You also need to advise the Accommodation Office in writing that you are leaving.

All home environments are different, of course, but at the University there are some rules. This is to ensure that every resident and member of staff can live in an environment which promotes a positive experience for all. When you move in to University accommodation you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, which are effectively the rules for you and us to adhere to.    

Yes, we set aside a limited number of rooms across our campus for returning students. You can live in any of our accommodation options except Eliot and Turing College. Accommodation applications for returning students open in mid-January and you can apply with your friends so you can live together and enjoy all the same benefits as your first year (no deposits, bills and insurance included, and shorter contracts to name a few).

Visit our returning student accommodation page for more information.

Kent and Medway Medical School students should refer to the KMMS accommodation pages. 

Students on programmes with a term abroad should apply to live in Darwin Houses where shorter fixed term accommodation contracts are offered. 

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