Student life

Student life

Amazing, exciting, life-changing – that’s how our students describe Kent.

Get involved.

Whatever your interests, whatever your goals, we’re sure you’ll find your place at Kent. 

Life at a campus university is so much more than just studying. It’s about getting involved and becoming part of the student community. Our inclusive student life helps you to make lifelong friends, discover new interests and gain skills that set you up for the future.

We’ll help you to find new ambitions, get to know yourself better and gain confidence in your own decision-making. With tailored support at every stage of your journey, we’ll help you to make the most of all the opportunities that come your way.

Become part of our large, diverse student community where there's always something going on.

Join the club.

Joining a society is a university rite of passage – there are lots to choose from and they’re a great way to make friends. 

Step up and run a society though and you’ll still enjoy the good times but also gain valuable organisational and leadership skills, maybe even event management experience. 

See the world.

Going abroad as part of your degree is an amazing experience. You'll grow in confidence, enhance your employability and return to university inspired and motivated ready to excel in your final year.

We have numerous international study and work placements available and we'll support you every step of the way.

Connect with us.