Meet Little Bulb

Meet Little Bulb

We’re ambitious by nature at Kent, and that empowers our students to do outstanding things with their futures. But it’s not every day that our alumni take their ambition to another level and win one of Britain’s most prestigious stage honours: an Olivier Award.   

Little Bulb theatre company started out at Kent in 2008, founded by friends and former drama students Alexander Scott, Clare Beresford, Dominic Conway and Shamira Turner. Fostering each other’s love for theatre and music, Little Bulb was a glowing success from day one and won three awards at the Edinburgh Fringe in their first year together.

Going from strength to strength, Little Bulb returned to Edinburgh as residents of the Forest Fringe and have since performed at Bristol Old Vic and teamed up with Battersea Arts Centre to create their sell-out show, Orpheus.

Little Bulb’s recent collaboration with the Royal Opera House is their biggest production to date though. Wild folk opera Wolf Witch Giant Fairy made its way to the Linbury Theatre last Christmas where, met with great acclaim, it went on to win an Olivier award for ‘Best Family Show’. Still reeling from the celebrations, Little Bulb told us they were overwhelmed to have received the award. ‘It might be a while until we get our heads around it!’, they said.

Fifteen years on from their time at Kent, not-so-little Little Bulb are shining as bright as ever. Still, they haven’t forgotten their roots. ‘We’re so very thankful to everyone that has supported us and helped us on our way – not least our wonderful teachers from Kent!’