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The Palace of Westminster - home to the UK's Houses of Parliament

Impact in Action: Restoring the Palace

Explore the Victorian ventilation system, hidden in the voids of the Palace of Westminster

At Kent, we are committed to supporting outstanding research and innovation across the arts and humanities, sciences and social sciences. We strive to achieve an inclusive, people-centred research culture for our community of researchers.

Message from our Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation

Our research and innovation activities are delivering significant cultural, social and economic benefits to communities regionally, nationally and internationally. Our students also benefit from a research-informed education and a wide range of opportunities to get involved in research.

We take a collaborative, global, impactful, innovative and interdisciplinary approach to research and innovation. This is reflected in our Signature Research Themes, our Institutes, our Research Centres, our Academic Divisions, our Graduate and Researcher College, and our research strengths in the following areas:

  • Creativity, Culture and Heritage
  • Cyber Security, Digital Technology and Communication
  • Health, Social Care and Wellbeing
  • Social Justice, Inequalities and Conflict
  • Sustainability, Environment and Natural Resources

Our high-quality research was ranked 17th out of 122 universities for research output and intensity in the Research Excellence Framework 2014.

PPE Team win Award

The PPE Response Team, which included a number of our KEI colleagues, are winners of the Community Impact Award.

Find a world-leading expert

Our academics have a passion for passing on their world-leading expertise via publications and the supervision of PhD students. They also work alongside organisations outside academia, from media outlets to research partners in industry.