Commuting to university


You’re going places, we’ll help you get there!

Student halls not your thing? Do you want to stay closer to family and friends? Maybe you’ve already set up home in the area. With a free shuttle bus between campuses and student discounts available with local travel companies, Kent makes travelling to university simple. 

Get to know your campus.

Whatever your reasons for commuting, we’re here to help you settle in to uni life. If you can, we recommend spending time on campus before and after lectures or seminars. Our relaxed social spaces are great places to catch up with friends. Many have kitchen facilities such as microwaves and hot water taps, so you can reheat your own food or make yourself a hot drink. If you play a sport, join one of the many clubs: football, hockey, tennis, fencing and many more. You don’t have to live on campus to experience campus life!

Find what works for you.

Some local students choose to live on campus in their first year and then commute for the rest of their studies; this may be worth considering as an option.