Research and Innovation Services

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Research and Innovation Services

Leaders in research and innovation

The University’s dedicated Research & Innovation Services (RIS) department provide operational leadership, strategic oversight, and support to ensure new research and knowledge exchange and innovation potential within the University is unlocked, and constructive, productive relationships are built to realise the potential for the University. We work collaboratively with the academic and wider university community to deliver the University’s Kent 2025 Strategy and research and innovation ambitions.  

The professional staff support collaborations between our external stakeholders to ensure we develop meaningful relationships to benefit the region and the economy.

The department contributes evidence-based insights and judgements on how to drive forward our ambitions, with the confidence to assert professional expertise as we challenge ourselves, and others to think and act differently and with ever greater impact.

We ensure that everything we do recognises and supports the need to bring a diversity of people with a wide range of approaches and experiences into the research and knowledge exchange environment and promote a culture in which everyone is respected and valued, whoever they are and wherever they work.