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We offer placements or internships with businesses


Student projects

Our students provide new ideas and innovative approaches to projects



Degree and Higher Level Apprenticeships available 

Recruiting talent

We have talented, knowledgeable and highly motivated students studying on our degree programmes.

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

Degree and Higher Level Apprenticeships are the best combination of on-the-job training and studying for higher level qualification. We work with you to develop tailored programmes, equipping apprentices with the skills most useful to your organisation.

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Kent IT Clinic led by students

Student Led Consultancy- KITC

We have teams of students, supported by professionals who are ready to provide unique insights to help your business grow


Student placements and internships

The Employability Points (EP) Scheme, developed by the University of Kent, is an unique way for you to engage with the University. The scheme allows you to work with the most engaged students currently studying at Kent by offering experiences of work to be undertaken during the summer period. As an employer, you can offer experiences such as paid internships, unpaid work experience, training opportunities and vouchers  

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Students studying in the library

Resource centre

The resources centre holds lots of articles and information for starting a business initiative. 

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We use this platform for our i-Teams students to share ideas.