Soul to soul


When first-year Psychology students Annicia and Deborah joined Kent Gospel Choir (KGC), they were looking for a community; they never dreamt that their choir would become University Gospel Choir of the Year.

For Annicia and Deborah, becoming members of KGC was an easy decision, both loved singing and thought KGC would be a happy reminder of home. It became their uni ‘family’. Deborah: ‘I fell in love with KGC in the first taster session!’ Annicia agrees: ‘Everybody was very welcoming, which made it easy to feel a part of the community. We support each other, offer a shoulder to lean on when needed.’

KGC had submitted an audition tape to the University Gospel Choir of the Year competition. When they heard they’d been successful, rehearsals began. For Deborah, it was hard work but great fun: ‘We really bonded, learning the entire set including new choreography; everyone gave it their all. And who doesn’t love a bit of competition!’ Annicia takes up the story: ‘It was a great environment, everyone working together, we even had some alumni joining us. We were having such a great time, we were motivated but we didn’t really care about winning or losing.’

When competition day arrived, the pressure began to build. Working with the other choirs was inspiring but also made everyone realise how talented all the singers were. And singing in front of a big audience (including your family and friends) is stressful. But KGC prayed together and pulled together, and then…

With all the choirs gathered on stage, the moment of truth arrived: Kent Gospel Choir was University Gospel Choir of the Year! Deborah could hear her mum screaming; Annicia could hear her family calling out her nickname! For both it was the end of an exhilarating day, a fantastic experience that they will always remember.

Now second years, Annicia and Deborah are managing to combine their love of singing and their passion for their psychology degrees. They believe that doing something that relaxes and energises them also helps them in their studies, ‘KGC is a relaxing space for us, a chance to think about something outside of our studies. As long as you’re organised, it’s fine. We’d definitely recommend joining a society. And if you enjoy singing and want to be a part of a community that explores worship and fellowship, come and join us, we’d love to meet you!’