What's happening in Canterbury?

Hey, I'm Michael.

I’m a final-year Computer Science student. You can usually find me playing or watching sport at the Pavilion in Park Wood.

Here are my best bits about Canterbury.

Places to relax on campus

“Our campus, sitting on top of a hill high above the city, is in a bubble all of its own. With so much open space, there are plenty of places on campus to sit and relax with your friends!”

Hi, I'm Amelia.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Canterbury during my three years at Kent. There’s so much to do, I could be here all day sharing it with you!

Here are my best bits of this special city. 

Places to study on campus

“If you study on the Canterbury campus, I am sure one of the things that drew you here is the stunning views. If you are looking for the best place to study like those aesthetic study vlogs you see on YouTube, we’ve got you!”