Frame of Mind

Frame of Mind.

Kent Mind Society creates supportive events for students and fundraising for charities including Mind and Student Minds.

Hear from Shivali and Tommy about Kent Mind Society.

"Kent Mind Society is a new society, which aims to create safe and supportive spaces on campus, destigmatising conversations about mental health, and fundraising for Mind and Student Minds.

We founded Kent Mind to help with the demand for support as we face a student mental health crisis and our desire to enact change on campus. We have organised a wide variety of social, fundraising, and well-being drop-in events alongside raising awareness for important dates like Disability History Month and Time To Talk Day. 

The ‘Safe Space’ initiative was a great success, providing a supportive environment for students who felt lonely, low or bored on a Friday night and need an alternative to ‘Friday Night Drinks’. We are excited to relaunch the initiative bigger and better in the Summer Term. 

We’ve had the great privilege of working with other local charities such as Porchlight, supporting their NHS-commissioned project on 18-25 year olds who have experienced mental health crises. 

We continued strong with our calendar of events for University Mental Health Day, including a Bingo Fundraiser at Woody’s and our Spring Prom at Venue. More details of upcoming events can be found on our Instagram (@kent_mind_society).”

What are your plans for next year?

“During our summer term, we hope to continue our ‘Safe Spaces’ initiative to provide a chilled and relaxed space amongst all the exam-related stress.  

In the next year, we would love to continue our fundraising schemes and collaborate with other Community Action Groups, sports clubs and societies to raise even more money for some great causes.  

We’d also love to work closely with student committees to raise awareness of how to look out for your members and be considerate of mental health.”