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Housekeeping Information

You and your flatmates are responsible for keeping your accommodation clean, but each college has its housekeeping team who are here to offer you advice and support.

Housekeeping will clean your kitchen and any communal areas regularly throughout the year and will visit your accommodation throughout your time on campus to check in on you as part of their inspections. 

You'll need to buy your own cleaning products (or share the cost with your housemates) except for a vacuum cleaner and bin liners as these are provided for you. Please do not use any products containing bleach as bleach is not permitted in accommodation. 

If you need a little extra support we also have professional cleaning slots you can book. 

Room inspections

The Housekeeping Team will regularly visit your accommodation to support you with the cleaning of your kitchen. Visual checks of your en-suites, shared bathroom or bedroom will take place on a regular basis.

Alongside visual checks, Housekeeping will conduct more formal inspections where a member of the Housekeeping Team will visit your accommodation to assess the condition of the bathroom and bedrooms and identify any problems or concerns. During these inspections, you will be assessed against our traffic light system: 

  • Red: Your accommodation needs urgent attention and could pose a risk/hazard or is likely to attract pests. For example rubbish or food on the floor, toilet left in an unsanitary state or build-up of grime/limescale throughout the en-suite.
  • Amber: You need to do more to keep your accommodation tidy. For example, rubbish is not in the bin, lots of items on the floor causing a trip hazard, en-suite is not cleaned to a basic hygienic standard. 
  • Green: You're amazing, keep it up.

You'll receive a printed notification to let you know your rating. If your area is rated red you will be given one week to improve the condition of the area before another inspection will take place. If the area is still found to present concerns the Housekeeping Team will inform you and arrange for a deep clean of the area for which you/your flatmates will be charged.

Bookable Housekeeping Cleaning Service

Sometimes you may want a little bit of extra help. Our Housekeeping Team also offer a bookable cleaning service, prices are calculated depending on the time it will take to clean an area. Currently, we have three options: a bedroom clean, a bedroom and en-suite clean, and a studio clean.

Please use the booking form to book a timeslot and pay for your chosen service. 

Hands holding out items to recycle

Recycling and waste on campus

Help us to do our bit for the environment by recycling responsibly.

What waste goes where?

  • Recyclable items: green bags.
  • General waste (items that can't be recycled or donated): black bags. 

What can I donate?

Electrical appliances

 We include a number of appliances in our accommodation on the Canterbury campus. You can find Housekeeping's instructions for using these items and the user manuals (which go into more detail) for each item to help you troubleshoot any issues you have.  

Male student using laundry

Laundry Facilities

Each college has its own self-service laundry (PDF 24KB) which is typically open daily 7am - 10pm.

You'll need to pay for each cycle at the machine via the Circuit Laundry App or Top Up Card ( from vending machines in Nickle Court laundry or outside Keynes College Reception). The cost for a wash cycle is £2.70 and £1.30 for a dry cycle.

A handy trick is use Circuit View to see which machines are available or how long you have left on your cycle without leaving your room!

The facilities are not managed by the University you'll need to contact Circuit Laundry online or phone (01422 820040) for any queries, card or app issues, faults or breakdowns.

Intro to circuit launderettes

Housekeeping Office Locations

Our housekeepers are on hand to inspect and support. Don’t be afraid to pop along your local housekeeping office listed below for any help and advice.  

Exterior of Darwin College

Darwin College

The housekeeping office can be found on the second floor in room B3:20.


Students sitting on steps between Eliot and Becket

Eliot College and Becket Court

The housekeeping office can be found in room W4:W14.


Keynes College sign

Keynes College (blocks F, G, H and I)

The housekeeping office can be found opposite Keynes College Reception, room MG:05.


Keynes Flats and hub

Keynes Flats and Houses (blocks P, Q, R, S and T)

The housekeeping office can be found in Keynes Hub (outside S block).


Park Wood Houses

Park Wood Houses

Ask at Park Wood Reception in the Park Wood Administration Building for housekeeping.


Park Wood Flats exterior

Park Wood Flats

Park Wood Flats Housekeeping offices can be found next to the laundry room in Bossenden Court.


turing hub

Turing College

Ask at Turing Reception in Turing Hub for housekeeping.


Exterior of Tyler Court A

Tyler Court

The housekeeping office can be found downstairs in Tyler Court A in room 1 (just off the study area).


Two student casual staff members cleaning a kitchen in Park Wood

Looking for a part-time or summer job?

Every summer (and throughout the academic year) we have a number of part-time and casual housekeeping job vacancies available. 

No previous experience is required, and casual roles start from a zero hour contract meaning you can work the hours or days that suit your needs.  

All training, equipment and uniform will be provided and you'll be able to take advantage of staff discounts and other benefits.

Visit your local Housekeeping Office if you would like to find out more about working for our housekeeping team this summer or beyond.