Housekeeping information

You and your neighbours are responsible for keeping your accommodation clean.

To help with this we've provided you with microfibre cloths and three InnuScience cleaning products: Nu-Multi Kleen, Nu-Bioscrub and Nu-Kleen All. We chose InnuScience as their products are eco-label certified, cruelty free and in the diluted form provided in your kitchens are not classified as hazardous or as an irritant. 

Due to its ingredients the diluted InnuScience bottles in your kitchen will need to be returned to your housekeeper every 12 weeks for them to be replaced and refilled. We also suggest that you match the microfibre cloth to the same colour InnuScience product to avoid cross usage. Once used these cloths can then be washed in with your own washing so you can keep reusing them throughout your time with us. For advice on how to use InnuScience products in your accommodation please watch the short video below.

Three bottles of cleaning product

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Housekeeping Top Tips

  1. We recommend that you meet together after you move in to agree a cleaning rota between yourselves so that everybody does their fair share and a hygienic living environment is maintained. To help with this we have created a kitchen rota (PDF 504KB) which has a cleaning and usage rota combined that can help you manage kitchen usage during busy times and fairly divide tasks.

  2. Recycle responsibly. There are labels on each bin in the bin store to tell you what can be recycled so be sure to double check and sort your rubbish before you bring it down and put it in the right bin. Don't know where your bin store is? Check out this handy map (PDF 97KB) which marks where each one is across our accommodation areas. Most importantly, don't forget to close the bin lid once you've disposed of your rubbish!
Female housekeeper cleaning a mirror in a student bathroom wearing gloves

Watch our Housekeeping Team's top advice for quick and easy ways to help keep your student accommodation clean.  

Please note, videos were filmed before the Coronavirus outbreak. You should follow any additional guidance provided by the University to help keep everyone safe whilst living on campus.

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Housekeeping Office locations

Our housekeepers are on hand to inspect and support. Don’t be afraid to pop along your local Housekeeping Office listed below for any help and advice.

Darwin College Housekeeping
The housekeeping office can be found on the second floor in room B3:20.

Eliot College Housekeeping
The housekeeping office can be found in room W4:W14.

Keynes College Housekeeping (blocks F,G,H and I)
The housekeeping office can be found on opposite Keynes College reception room MG:05.

Keynes Flats and Houses Housekeeping (blocks P, Q, R, S and T)
The housekeeping office can be found in Keynes Hub (outside S block).

Park Wood Houses Housekeeping
Ask at Park Wood Reception in the Park Wood Administration Building for housekeeping.

Park Wood Flats Housekeeping
Park Wood Flats Housekeeping offices can be found next to the laundry room in Bossenden Court.

Rutherford College Housekeeping
The housekeeping office can be found in room N2:W4B.

Turing College Housekeeping
Ask at Turing Reception in Turing Hub for housekeeping.

Tyler Court Housekeeping
The housekeeping office can be found downstairs in Tyler Court A in room 1 (just off the study area).

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BICSc accredited

Kent Hospitality Housekeeping is a BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) accredited training member and our housekeeping staff are BICSc trained.

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