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Vacation accommodation

If you live on-campus, you can check moving in and moving out dates here as well as book winter, spring or summer vacation accommodation if you wish to stay on campus during the vacation and this isn't included in your contract.

2023/2024 When do I need to move in/out?

  • Self-catered undergraduate students (inc. Pier Quays): your 39 week contract means you can live on campus from 16 September 2023 to 15 June 2024. You do not need to move out for spring or winter vacation periods.
  • Part-catered undergraduate students: You will need to move out during the winter and spring vacations depending on where you live. Please see below for more information: 
    • For Becket Court and Keynes College (Blocks F,G,H and I), your accommodation contract covers a 31 week period starting on 16 September 2023 - 10am 16 December 2023. It then restarts on 13 January 2024 - 10am 6 April 2024 and then continues after the spring break for the 4 May 2024 - 10am 15 June 2024. 
    • Eliot and Rutherford College resident accommodation contracts covers a 37 week period from 16 September 2023 - 10am to 20 December 2023 and then 2 January 2024 - 10am to 15 June 2024.
  • Postgraduate students on a 52 week contract: 16 September 2023 - 11 September 2024. You do not need to move out during any of the vacation periods.
  • Short course students: you will have been offered a contract to match your course dates. Please log in to the MyAccommodation Portal to check these.

You can always check your accommodation contract dates and when you need to move out via your MyAccommodation Portal.

Darwin College

Spring 2025

Information about the spring 2025 vacation accommodation will be available here in late February/March.

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Summer vacation 2024

Do you need Accommodation over the Summer vacation period? All 2023/24 contracts finish on 15 June 2024, but if you wish to stay on campus for any part of the summer vacation period we have two room options available to book (minimum 21 night stay).

Self-catering accommodation in Turing College. All rooms are extra-large single en-suites with access to a shared kitchen. £35 per night. To book online for Turing College use the promotion code: TURINGSUMMER24

Self-catering accommodation in Darwin College. All rooms have access to shared shower, toilet and kitchen facilities. £23 per night. To book online for Darwin College promotion code: DARWINSUMMER24

Please note: 

  • Data available are from Saturday 15 June to the last bookable night on Saturday 1 September 2024. 
  • Towels, bed linen and kitchen equipment are not provided. 
  • You can extend your stay with 72 hours notice, subject to availability, by contacting
  • Extended stays are available for students with an accommodation agreement on campus for the next academic year and details of how to book the extension will be provided prior to September.  

If you have any queries about your summer accommodation booking please contact 

If you're looking for some inspiration on what to do in Kent over the summer break try our What to do page or Visit Kent.

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Winter vacation 2024

Please check back in November when information about winter vacation accommodation, including how to book and facilities, will be available here. 

What facilities/services are available on campus over the spring vacation?

Campus Security:  Security is available 24 hours a day throughout the Spring vacation and you can reach them via +44 (0)1227 723300. They are available to report urgent maintenance defects and for non-emergency problems (such as lockouts). However, please be aware Security Officers do not provide a 'housekeeping service' (i.e. toilet rolls, black sacks, light bulbs etc) and you should make sure you have enough of these items before the closure period.

Of course, in the event of an emergency that requires fire, police or ambulance you should call 999 before contacting Campus Security using the emergency line at +44 (0)1227 823333.

Maintenance Teams/Defect Reporting: Estates maintenance staff may also be carrying out essential maintenance at various times during the winter vacation. This may mean that there are short periods of interruption to the water and electricity supplies and also prolonged ringing of the fire alarms. Please check your University email for further notices which may affect you as if there is predicted to be any period of interruption in your area you will be emailed an advance notice by the Estates department.

If you have an emergency/urgent maintenance defect report this to Campus Security as above (although please note defect response times may differ from term time). For non-urgent defects, you should still report these via Home at Halls so that they can be attended to after the winter break.

College receptions: receptions will be closed for the duration of the Winter break. You can check reception opening times online.

Ordering from Amazon? We have three Amazon lockers on campus that you can order to and access day or night. They are located by Keynes College T block, Darwin Houses and Woody's in Park Wood.  

Bin collections: There will be refuse collections over the holiday so please place rubbish/waste in the wheelie bins provided in your nearest bin store.  

Laundry: If you live in Keynes Flats or Houses,  the Keynes College launderette will be closed during the winter break so you will need to use another launderette on campus which will all be open.

Catering: Most outlets will be closed after the end of term but check the catering homepage for their vacation opening hours. The Park Wood and Plaza Co-Op will also be open at reduced hours during the break.

Please check this page for more information on other services available on campus during the spring break. This page will be updated near the time of vacation. 

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Exam accommodation

We are pleased to be able to offer you exam accommodation on the Canterbury campus this year. 

Saturday 4 May to Saturday 15 June 2024

Bed and Flex accommodation is available in Keynes College. These rooms are single en-suites and include bed linen and towels. 

Bed and flex: Students will be issued a £12 daily credit to spend on food and drink which can be used in 7 of the Kent-run catering outlets on the Canterbury campus. The £12 credit renews each day. Any unused balance from the previous day cannot be refunded or carried over to the next.

Rooms cost £50 per night or you can take advantage of a discounted rate of £45 per night when booking 3 consecutive nights. Please note the last bookable night is Friday 14 June 2024 and there is no maximum length of stay.

To book online use the promotional code: EXAMSTUDY24

Keynes Flats large en-suite bedroom

Exam re-sit accommodation

Saturday 27 July to Saturday 10 August 2024

Self-catered accommodation is available in Keynes Flats. These rooms are single en-suites and include bed linen but not meals.

Rooms cost £35 per night. Please note the last bookable night is Friday 9 August 2024 and there is no maximum length of stay.

To book online use the promotional code: RESIT24

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Visitor accommodation

Have a guest coming to visit? University guest accommodation is ideal for when you have friends or family visiting who want to stay on our Canterbury campus for the duration of their visit.    

You can check room availability and book online in advance with special discounts for repeat bookers or long stays.

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Storage and shipping of personal possessions

Whether you're looking to store your belongings for one of the vacation periods or planning to get some extra cases shipped home before you arrive, there are lots of external services available that can help. Additionally, you can also authorise a friend to pack belongings on your behalf using the procedures below.

Some local companies offering storage facilities include:

National and international companies offering a range of packing, storage and shipping services:

Please note that the University does not accept any liability or responsibility for any of the services provided by these companies.

If you have already left and are unable to return to remove your personal possessions yourself from your accommodation, you can authorise another University of Kent student or a third-party company to pack and remove your belongings on your behalf

To arrange this you would need to email the Accommodation Office with at least 3 working days notice. In the email you should include:

  • Your name 
  • Your student number
  • Your campus address 
  • Your contact number
  • Name of your friend or company
  • Their student number if applicable
  • A contact number for them
  • The date they are coming.
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Leaving your accommodation

Whether you're leaving for a short period, vacation or at the end of the year, there are a few things you need to do before you go.


  • Remove all rubbish from your accommodation, kitchen and bins. Please recycle responsibly and to check where your nearest bin store is.
  • Turn off all electrical items and lights (but not the fridge!) 
  • Dispose of, or take with you, any perishable foods.  Permanent donation points are located at the Mandela building and Kent Union building (Woody's) at Park Wood for tinned or dried foods if you wish to donate these to the Union food bank.
  • Collect any mail/parcels from your letterbox/reception.
  • Close your windows, leaving the vent open.
  • Check that all your doors are locked before you leave.
  • Take any valuable/important items with you or lock them in your room if you're not required to remove your belongings.

If you live in part-catered accommodation and are leaving for a vacation period, you will also need to return your keys or fob to reception. You can use your reception's drop box if you are leaving out of hours. (Becket Court and Keynes College residents leaving for spring vacation also need to follow the below steps).

At the end of your contract or if you are leaving early

In addition to the above, we also ask that when leaving at the end of the year (or moving out of Becket Court or Keynes College for the spring vacation) that you:

  • Pack/remove all belongings by 10am on your move-out date as we are unable to store any items on campus. If you need to store or ship items there are a number of local and national companies that provide this service. Plus, you can donate unwanted items including clothes, electrical items and books by donating to Kent Union's STUFF, placing items in the British Heart Foundation banks in various locations across campus - see our bins and recycling map for your nearest location
    • Be careful not to cause any damage when removing items as you may be charged for the repair. For example paint damage caused by removing adhesive LED light strips.
  • Return your keys or fob to reception before you leave. You can use your reception's drop box if you are leaving out of hours or if the reception is closed.
  • Dispose, donate or take with you all your food. Perishable items should be disposed of and not left anywhere in the accommodation. Any dried or tinned food that you don't need can be donated to help feed others. Permanent donation points are located at the Mandela building and Kent Union building (Woody's) at Park Wood.
  • Update your postal address. It is important to update your address and notify anyone/any companies who send you letters or parcels (including your bank, phone company and any online stores who have saved your preferred delivery address) so that all your mail still reaches you after you have moved out. This is true even if you are returning to campus accommodation next year, as we cannot accept or forward on parcels for students not currently in residence. Read the Post Office's guidelines on mail redirection.
  • If you are departing earlier than the original contract end date you will need to complete an Application for an Early Termination of the Agreement including details to your circumstances. Please note, completing the form doesn't mean your accommodation agreement will be ended early. Please see the information about early departure eligibility in your Accommodation T&Cs, Accommodation Handbook or our FAQS.
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