Home at Halls

The Home at Halls app is here to make your life easier while living on campus, and has a whole host of features just for residential students which you can access from your device wherever you may be.

What does Home at Halls do?

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    Complete your room inventory

    You only need to do it once but it's important as this is the official form where you confirm the condition of the room when you arrived. This is how the room should then be when you leave.

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    Receive live updates

    We're not going to spam you but there are some things that happen which you just need to know about. So when needed you'll get the latest updates of what's happening in your accommodation (e.g. fire drills or vacation moving out dates).  

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    Report maintenance issues

    Dripping sink or broken door lock? You can report this or any defect online to one of our Estates or Housekeeping Team for repair. You can also track the progress of your report and receive updates from the team.

Key links and information

  • laundry

    Monitor laundry

      Check the status of your washing without leaving your room! Connect to CircuitView to see if any machines are free or how long you have left on your cycle.  

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    Event notifications

    The event's section is a great way to find out what's going on around campus beyond your school or society events  

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    Notify us of visitors

    Have a friend coming to visit for a day or two? Let us know by logging your visitors in the app.  

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Logging in and getting started

Home at Halls is secure – just like any other online Kent service, you’ll need to use your Kent email address to log in.

The first time you login and use Home at Halls you will need to use the login link emailed to you by the Accommodation Team. This is because the link will contain information specific to you which the app needs the first time you use it. After this, you can login and use the app/online pages as usual.   


Can I access Home at Halls without using the app?

Yes, Home at Halls is also available online. With the exception of live updates and notifications, you'll have all the same functionality.

I arrived in September 2021. When can I download the app?  

We emailed our September 2021 arrivals on Wednesday 15 September to let them know they could now access Home at Halls.  If you have arrived after the Arrivals period we will email you within a week of your arrival. 

I'm having a problem with the app who should I contact?

If you cannot report a defect using the app, please try using the Home at Halls online pages or visit your college reception. If you have an emergency defect you should report this to reception (or Security if out of hours) at the earliest opportunity. More information about defect reporting is available online

If you are having difficulties with the app, take a screenshot of the problem (if possible) along with any details and email support@homeathalls.com who will be able to help.