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The Home at Halls app is here to make your life easier while living on campus, and has a whole host of features just for residential students which you can access from your device wherever you may be.

What does Home at Halls do?

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Logging in and getting started

It's a good idea to download Home at Halls before you arrive on campus so you have it ready to go, although you won't be able to access all of Home at Halls features until after you've arrived on campus and checked in at reception. 

You'll need to use your Kent email and password to log in to Home at Halls so if you are a new student, make sure you've claimed your Kent IT account first (which is part of your enrollment process at Kent). 

Once you're on campus, the first thing you'll need to do is complete your room inventory. 

Room Inventory

One of the first things you'll need to do after moving in is to complete your room inventory as this is only available for 3 days after check in. 

It's very important to complete your room inventory, but don't worry, it's quick and easy to do. Your inventory should pop up the first time you use Home at Halls after checking in (or be visible on the main menu). 

Your room inventory is your chance to tell us the condition of your room when you arrived, including reporting any faults or defects you find (although we hope there are none!). This is then the same condition we expect your accommodation to be left in when you leave at the end of the year.  

Your inventory is also key to ensure you/your flatmates aren't accidentally charged for any damages in your accommodation that may have been there before you arrived. 

Online defect reporting

One of Home at Halls most useful features is allowing you to report any faults, defects or issues in your accommodation via the app. If you find a fault, defect or maintenance issue in your accommodation you should report it as soon as possible by navigating to the issue reporting menu tile, and completing the form. 

Once an issue has been logged it will be sent to our Estates maintenance teams. How quickly the repair will take place depends on the severity of the fault (take a look at our response times below).

Emergency faults: If you are reporting a time-sensitive fault (i.e. a flood) in addition to reporting in Home at Halls you will need to contact one of the below: 

  • Weekdays, 08:00-16:00: Estates Customer Services  via +44 (0)1227 816666 (if 
  • Outside the hours: Campus Security on +44 (0)1227 823300. 

Heating problem? Lots of the radiators at the University are part of a remote computer network, which means they will adjust automatically depending on the time of day or other factors. If you suspect your radiator isn't working first check that it is turned on (by lifting the head and tuning anti-clockwise) and check if it's all the radiators in the accommodation or just yours before making a report.  

Wi-Fi issues: To help improve the Wi-Fi signal in accommodation we've installed new wireless access points throughout campus. Sometimes if there are issue with the Wi-Fi, this point will need to be manually fixed by a member of the Information Services (IS) Team. Any visits by the IS Team will follow the same procedures as any other maintenance repair visit. 

Response times for defect reports

We have different response times based on the nature of your reported defect. Maintenance work takes place between 08.00-16.00, Monday to Friday. Therefore, if you have an emergency outside of this time please contact Campus Security.  


Emergencies – within one hour

  • Floods (either from pipework or leaking roofs)
  • Glazing (where security or safety is compromised)
  • Electrical shutdown of a building
  • People trapped in a lift
  • Gas leaks
  • Fire alarms
  • Serious trip hazards
  • Bare electrical cables

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Urgent – within 24 hours

  • No heating
  • No water or no hot water
  • Lighting (where it provides the only illumination in an area/is on a staircase or corridor/is security lighting)
  • Shower not working (where it is the only one in a house)
  • Localised electrical failure
  • Blocked toilets and drains
  • Door closers
  • Lifts out of action
  • Removal of graffiti

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Routine – within five working days

  • Lighting (where it is one of a number in an area)
  • External lighting
  • Unable to open windows
  • Tiling to showers

maintenance tools

Scheduled or Planned works

All other maintenance items required will be marked as scheduled. These will be completed within 20 working days

Any requests marked as planned will be attended to by the agreed date.


No, Home at Halls is only available as an app. However, if you have any problems downloading or using the app please speak to reception who can help.

You can download the app via Google Play or Apple Store. However, please wait until you have arrived on campus before trying to log in as many features will only work after you have officially checked in at reception.

If you cannot report a defect using the app visit your college reception. If you have an emergency defect you should report this to reception (or Security if out of hours) at the earliest opportunity. More information about defect reporting is available online

If you are having difficulties with the app, take a screenshot of the problem (if possible) along with any details and email support@homeathalls.com who will be able to help.

This will depend on the fault and technician, but typically it is your choice to stay or leave your accommodation during a maintenance repair.

You will only be charged for any maintenance/repair work where this is necessary due to damages caused by residents or their guests, residents will be notified of the total costs and charges for any repair as soon as practicably possible and these charges will be added to your student account with the University. This is also why we encourage you to complete your room inventory at the beginning of the year so that you are not mistakenly charged for a previous resident's damage.  

In Woolf College and Turing and Keynes flats and houses, more complex repairs are carried out by University of Kent partners, UPP (University Partnership Programme) staff. There may be delays with more complex repairs as these buildings are not owned by the University.

In other University buildings routine repairs are initially investigated and minor repairs carried out where appropriate by a Handyperson from the Housekeeping service. The Handyperson will then ask for more specialist repairs to be undertaken by University Estates and Maintenance staff 

Wi-Fi issues may need to be attended to by a member of the Information Services (IS) Team. 

In addition, external approved contractors may also need to access buildings on occasion to carry out specific specialist repairs.

Don't worry, if you can't use the app you will receive an email notification when you have a parcel to collect.

If you experience any issues or have any concerns please speak to your local reception team.