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January 2023 Arrivals

We look forward to welcoming you to your new home on our Canterbury campus

Hello there!

Your first weeks at university are some of the most exciting times of your life. We want you to have the best moving-in experience possible so this guide will help you know what to expect and do before you arrive.  

What's next?

When you receive and accept your accommodation offer you'll be asked to complete your Accommodation e-induction through the MyAccommodation Portal (where you made your application). This isn't very long, but there's lots of key info here you may need to know about life on campus. At the end, you'll be asked to book an arrival slot for when you want to arrive.


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My advice for new students arriving? Just relax, you’re about to make a big step and it may seem daunting, but everything will work itself out!

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When should I arrive?

If you are an exchange or LLM student you should aim to arrive from Monday 9 January 2023. International foundation and pre-sessional students should arrive on Monday 23 January 2023.

You can register your arrival date through the MyAccommodation Portal, and check college reception opening hours online. 

We also understand plans change, so if you can no longer arrive on the date you originally selected you can log back into your account and select a different available timeslot up to 48 hours before arriving to get a new arrivals pass (if it's within 48 hours then just email to let us know).


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Don't be shy about asking questions, no matter how stupid they might seem, because everyone is extremely friendly

How do I collect my keys and what do I need?

When you arrive you'll need to go to your college accommodation reception to collect your keys/fob and sign your corridor card to show you have arrived. Your keys will only be given to the student moving into the room, and you'll also need to have the following to show at reception:  

arrivals pass

Arrivals Pass

You'll need to have either a printed copy or pre-downloaded digital version  on your phone/device (as you may not have Wi-Fi yet). 

You can access yours via the MyAccommodation Portal. 

unloading permit

Unloading Permit

If you are arriving by car (with the exception of a taxi), you will need to print a copy of your unloading permit to generate your QR code. 

This permit must then be displayed in the car and is accessible via the MyAccommodation Portal.

man handing over drivers licence

Official ID

This is not required to check in, but it is a good idea to keep some form of official ID on you as a backup. Especially, as you may need it later on.

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Home at Halls app

A couple of days before you arrive you'll need to download the Home at Halls app.

You won't be able to sign in until you have checked in to your room, but after that you will need to log on to use the app to complete your room inventory.

Can I park/unload items at my accommodation?

Each of our college areas has a car park where you can unload which will be displayed on your unloading permit. 

Unfortunately, there is only limited parking available at each unloading area. This means you will only have approximately 20 minutes to park and unload all your belongings before moving to one of our larger overflow car parks.  Don't worry you don't need to do everything in this slot (e.g. you can come back to collect your KentOne card and meet the CCL team later) we just ask that you concentrate on unloading your items and collecting your key in this period so that everyone can have a chance to unload their items easily near their accommodation.  Traffic Marshalls will be in the unloading areas to help direct you where to park on your arrival to unload and then where you can park on campus after this period too. Please follow their instructions.

Everything on campus is within a walkable distance and we are well served with public transport via the UniBus. This means that after arrivals there is no parking available on campus for residential students with only limited exceptions who can apply for a permit (such as for Disability Blue Badge holders).  

Looking for directions? These postcodes will take you to the nearest unloading area for your car:

  • CT2 7NZ  for Darwin College and Houses, Rutherford College or Tyler Court
  • CT2 7NP for Eliot College, Becket Court and Keynes College  
  • CT2 7FN for Turing College  
  • CT2 7WU for Park Wood Flats  
  • CT2 7SG for Park Wood Houses  
  • CT2 7BQ for Woolf College.

Further useful travel and transport links:

Lastly, don't forget to double check your reception opening times!  


photos on bed

The best bit of advice I received was to bring decorative items - it makes the room that bit more comforting and homely and can help with the homesickness.

Female student smiling at camera,c carrying a plant when moving in to Turing College

What do I need to bring?

It can be tough knowing what to bring, but there's a lot already in your accommodation so be sure to check what's already included to avoid doubling up on anything.

To get you started, take a look at our packing list and remember our top tips:

  • Check the size of the bed in your room before ordering bedding
  • Bring just enough kitchen/cooking items to get you started - you may want buy any forgotten items with your housemates to share.

Make life easier with direct delivery. We've partnered with UniKitOut where you can order all the essentials to be pre-delivered to your room ready for your arrival! Just order before the deadline.


pink flamingo mug

Bring coloured crockery so you don’t all get confused about whose everything is!

What's life like on campus?

After all this is just the beginning! You've got lots to forward to, and for many of you this is your first time living away from home so you'll all be learning a lot outside of the lecture halls too! 

Visit our Living on Campus pages for all the info on the facilities included in your accommodation. 

On a personal note just remember to be kind, open and friendly and you'll be off to a great start. But should you need some support we're here along with the College and Community Life Team, Student Support and Wellbeing and many more. 

Arrivals sign at an airport

International students

Moving to a whole new country as well as starting at university is doubly exciting, but can also bring it's own worries as well. That's only natural, but know that Kent has a fantastic diverse community and we're just waiting for you to join us. There's lots of international Kent student info onlineindependent advice and events taking place to calm any nerves.

A note from us...

We all know how quickly things change, and we update our webpages and social media regularly to contain all the latest information.

If you have any questions not answered on our pages feel free to check out our online FAQs,  contact us via email or social media.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kent very soon!

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Welcome to Kent

You've done it! You've got a place at Kent and you're getting ready to arrive so what's next? 

Take a look at our Welcome pages for more info and advice on what it's like joining the Kent Community, meet other new students via the Official University of Kent Freshers Group on Facebook, or discover more about living on campus and arriving from our Accommodation blog.