Accessible accommodation

Female student sitting at height adjustable desk, smiling at camera, in Keynes Accessible Studio

Accessible and Adapted Rooms

We want all of our students to make the most of their time on campus, meaning we work closely with the Student Support and Wellbeing Team so we can meet your specific needs to allow you to enjoy life at Kent.

The University offers a number of accessible and adaptable rooms for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students with disabilities and/or complex personal care needs, as well as a number of initiatives to provide an accessible and inclusive environment. This means that together we can find the best option for you and we will make any necessary reasonable adjustments to the accommodation for you and assist with arranging any outside agency support if required.

Our application portal

We've worked with our providers to update and make our accommodation application pages more accessible and responsive for all our students. If you experience any issues in accessing the application pages please contact the Accommodation Team to let us know as soon as possible and we'll be happy to help.

Canterbury campus accommodation

For students with mobility difficulties or wheelchair users, we offer ground-floor rooms with good access across the Canterbury campus. These are located in:

  • Keynes Flats
  • Park Wood (Kemsdale Court)
  • Rutherford College
  • Turing Flats
  • Tyler Court (Blocks A, B and C)
  • Woolf College.

Accessible toilet facilities and vehicle parking spaces for disabled students are available throughout the campus.

If you have disabilities and/or complex personal care needs and require University accommodation, we ask that you contact the Student Support and Wellbeing Team at your earliest opportunity. After this, we can then arrange a visit to the University so that your individual learning and living needs can be accurately identified.

If you would like to request a specific type of accommodation due to a medical condition or need please add notes to your accommodation application, and aim to apply as soon as possible. Alternatively, contact the Accommodation Team or Student Support and Wellbeing and we'll be happy to discuss your needs in greater detail.  

We endeavour to provide accommodation to all our students, based on individual needs, however, we do have a limited number of accessible rooms available. Although we can adapt a room to suit your needs, these changes may not be in place for the start of the term, should you delay submitting your application.  

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Pier Quays, Medway

Pier Quays has studio rooms available for students. Once you are sure that you will be attending a course at Medway, we recommend arranging a visit to Pier Quays via the University's Student Support and Wellbeing Team

Please contact the Accommodation Team or the Student Support and Wellbeing Team if you require help to identify and accommodate your individual living needs.   

Can I get a reduced rate on my room?

If you have an essential need for a specific type of accommodation due to a disability, medical condition or mobility issue, you may be eligible for a reduction in accommodation fees. Please complete our application form and Student Support and Wellbeing will contact you.

Accommodation fee discounts are calculated in price bands. For example, if you choose the lowest en-suite accommodation, the discount will be calculated against the lowest price single occupancy room with shared shower facilities. Our mid-range en-suite accommodation discounts are calculated against our mid-range bedrooms with shared bathroom facilities, and so on.  

Student Support and Wellbeing

We have an award-winning Support and Wellbeing Team who will do everything to make your time at Kent a positive experience with their wide range of services from counselling to long term health condition support.

Do you have a disability, specific learning difficulty or existing mental health condition? Register with Student Support and Wellbeing

Additional equipment and personal carer accommodation

If you require medical or other personal equipment to be available within your accommodation, you will need to supply this yourself.

If you need a resident personal carer, the University can provide a room on campus. You will need to ensure the cost of the carer's room can be met. Home fee paying students may be able to reclaim the cost of the carer's accommodation from their home area Social Services Department. To be eligible for financial support, your community assessment 'Care Plan' must recommend the provision of a personal assistant or carer.

Accessibility and inclusion

As well as providing accessible and adaptable rooms, the University has implemented a number of initiatives to provide an accessible and inclusive environment. These include alternative formats for learning and teaching materials, assistive technologies, funding, Inclusive Learning Plans (ILPs), student mentoring, and specialist equipment and software.  

Lifestyle moderate rooms

In Canterbury, we have a number of accommodation blocks set aside for students who would prefer a quieter living environment.

Students living in these areas are expected to adopt a moderate lifestyle in respect of alcohol, amplified music and sound, and the way in which they socialise within the accommodation.

We do not guarantee a permanently quiet or alcohol-free environment, but grouping likeminded people together is intended to support this choice of lifestyle.

These areas are not monitored more closely than other accommodations, as residents are expected to independently self-manage their living environment. However, there are mechanisms for addressing those who persistently fail to live in accordance with expectations.

There is limited availability and it is not guaranteed that all applicants will be successful, but if you would like to live in lifestyle moderated rooms you should include this in your accommodation application.