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Canterbury campus security

On-campus security at Canterbury includes 24/7 campus patrols and CCTV, night-time campus walking taxi service, free personal safety alarms and nearly all our accommodation is protected by key card entry.

Our Campus Security Team are on campus 24/7 265 days a year. Come say hi and pick up a free personal safety alarm,

Campus Security

Security staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You can collect a free personal safety alarm and receive safety advice from the Campus Security Office at any time of day or night. Campus Security [map] is part of the banking hall between Marlowe and Grimond.

Lost property

The Campus Security Office is also where you will find lost property.

Walking taxi

Campus Security can also be called to accompany you across campus and back to your college/accommodation. If you would like to use the 'Walking Taxi' service please call 01227 823300.

Walk home with your friends or use our campus walking taxi service.

Contact details for Campus Security

Our campuses are covered by CCTV and security staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Non-emergency and night-time walking taxi service: 01227 823300

Emergency: 01227 823333

Refuge points

We have worked with Kent Union and local partners to create safe places called 'refuge points' in Canterbury.

You can go to the following refuge points if you ever feel unsafe or need help/support. 

View the refuge points on Kent Union's virtual map. 

In the event that there is no one immediately present, there are public payphones situated close by or help points/phones at the railway, police and fire stations      

Connected Routes

Follow the Connected Routes map if you're travelling home from a night out in the city centre.

The map includes routes where there are regular patrols, refuge points, and increased lighting and CCTV coverage.

See the map below or you can download a copy to refer to later:

The Connected Routes map was created in partnership with Kent Union. 

connected routes map
Canterbury City Council.

Night bus

Stagecoach provides a night bus which runs throughout the evening into the early hours. The Night Unibus route includes campus colleges and the local area.

Canterbury Street Marshals

Canterbury Street Marshals help keep students who live off-campus safe after a night out. They patrol the streets where many of our students live off-campus. 

Student Safe Taxi Scheme

The scheme provides students who find themselves in a vulnerable situation a way of reaching their student accommodation or another destination such as a Police Station or local hospital, quickly and safely.

You can request a taxi through the scheme even if you do not have the funds to pay the fare at the time of booking, as fares can be paid later on the Online Store.

All students are encouraged to sign up to the scheme in advance.

Book a registered taxi straight to your door. Sign up for the Student Safe Taxi Scheme in Canterbury,

Harassment contacts

We have trained members of staff as 'Harassment Contacts', who can be contacted for advice and support.

Security staff in colleges

From 22.00 until 6.00 you will find security staff patrolling each college (that's on top of 24/7 Campus Security patrols).

You can also contact Campus Security directly from your college reception.

Zero Tolerance

The Zero Tolerance initiative aims to combat the culture of harassment and intolerance in the night time economy, providing licensed premises with guidelines and frameworks for combating this behaviour and responding positively to complaints, whilst reassuring students their reports to premises will be treated seriously, handled sensitively and appropriate action taken.     

General safety contacts

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