Living at Kent

Kent is a great place to live and study. Whether you're living in University accommodation or a house in town, having your own place gives you greater freedom and independence but it also comes with extra responsibility.

College and Community Life

Your College provides a support network offering a range of support services and social activities.

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Benefits of living at Kent

Discover the benefits of living at Kent such as entertainment, student discounts and more. 



Canterbury and Medway campuses have excellent transport links. Find out how you can get around easily and affordably. 

Getting around


Make sure you're aware of ways you can help keep yourself and others safe.

Safety tips

Living off campus

What you need to know on topics like moving in, dealing with landlords and neighbours, recycling and waste and moving out.

Need to knows for living off campus

How to get help

How to get support from key community contacts on and off campus.

Get help
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