Diversity at Kent

Kent has a diverse and inclusive community. We are all responsible for ensuring that the University is a safe place to live and study.

Care leavers

The University offers a wide range of support for Care Leavers to help you at all stages of your higher education journey.  

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Learn more about types of disability and how we can support you.

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Mature, commuting and part-time students

If you are a mature (age 21+), commuting or part-time student there is plenty of additional support for you and ways to connect with those in a similar position to you.   

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The thought of coming out as gay or transgender at university can be extremely daunting, especially if you have not come out before. Learn more about support available and how to meet others in the LGBTQ+ community.

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Race and culture

We are committed to addressing any perceived barriers in providing and promoting inclusive practices for staff and students from black and minority ethnic (BME) groups and target areas to remove inequalities. Learn more about societies and events celebrating our diverse community. 

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Religion and belief

The University of Kent is somewhere that cultural, religious and non-religious or similar philosophical beliefs of all are respected. Learn more about our multi-faith spaces and ways to connect with others through societies and events.   

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Pregnancy, maternity and student parents/carers

We believe that being or becoming pregnant, terminating a pregnancy or having a very young child (including through adoption) should not, in itself, be a barrier to a student starting, succeeding in, or completing a programme of study at the University. Learn more about support available.

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Policies and guidelines

See all policies and guidelines relating to equality, diversity and inclusion.

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