Pregnancy, maternity and student parents/carers

Pregnancy and maternity

We believe that being or becoming pregnant, terminating a pregnancy or having a very young child (including through adoption) should not, in itself, be a barrier to a student starting, succeeding in, or completing a programme of study at the University.

The University is committed to being as flexible as possible while making sure that any arrangements made for the student do not compromise academic standards.

The special arrangements which can and should be made for a student in these circumstances may vary from school to school and from programme to programme. However, the approach is consistent across the University – as is the legal framework in which the University operates.

The University will ensure that:

  • Any student who becomes pregnant before or during a period of study at the University is accommodated as far as practically possible to allow them to complete their programme of study, providing academic standards are upheld
  • Relevant staff are made aware of the University of Kent Student Pregnancy and Maternity Policy and their responsibilities arising under it
  • Guidance and support is available for staff undertaking risk assessments on elements of the programme of study that are likely to result in a risk to the health and safety of the student or unborn child
  • Guidance and support is available for students who declare a pregnancy, recent birth or intention to adopt a very young child or whose partners are in any of these positions
  • Support is available to students through various support services
  • The policy is kept under review and updated as necessary
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Student parents/carers

Canterbury and Medway offer great environments for families, with a wide range of child-friendly facilities and a perfect mix of city, coast and countryside. If you are planning to bring your family with you when you study, this page has links to useful information including accommodation, schooling and healthcare.

We strongly advise new students with children to travel to Kent alone, in advance of starting their course, to make all the arrangements for housing and schooling and to get a sense of the local area, before bringing their families to join them. Deciding where to live may be affected by a range of factors including the proximity to schools and other family-focused services.

Postgraduate support

Many current Kent postgraduate students with families are happy to pass on their knowledge to new arrivals, while other more formal support is available through our Graduate School. 

Our Postgraduate International Families Network also gives student parents the opportunity to connect and socialise with other families and to receive notifications of upcoming events.

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Oaks Nursery in Canterbury

At Canterbury, the on-campus Oaks Nursery is registered for children aged 0-5 years and they offer discounts for student parents.

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