Social spaces

We have a number of social spaces on our campuses where you can go to socialise and chill out. Many of these spaces include kitchen facilities such as microwaves and hot water taps so you can reheat your own food or make yourself a hot drink. These spaces are open to Kent students and staff via your KentOne card.

Canterbury social spaces

Take a look at the social spaces at our Canterbury campus. 

Cornwallis South Lounge

New this academic year, Cornwallis South Lounge in G.09 includes lots of seating, a microwave, vending machine and printer.   

Cornwallis South Lounge

Rutherford Lounge

Our recently updated Rutherford Lounge is located on level 4 in Rutherford College. As well as lots of tables, comfy seating and a view over Rutherford Dining Hall, the lounge has access to water, a hot water tap, fridge and a microwave. There's also a locker room if you need to store any of your belongings. 

Rutherford Lounge with seating and plants.

Rutherford Lounge.

Keynes Lounge

The Keynes lounge is a spacious area with lots of seating, a piano and kitchen area. The kitchen includes a fridge, tap, hot water point and microwave. 

The Keynes Lounge is located on the first floor in L1.02.

Keynes Lounge with lots of seating.

Keynes Lounge.

Woolf Lounge

The Woolf Lounge is located in WG.15 and can be entered directly from the front of Woolf (to the left of the main entrance). The lounge has seating, a tap, microwave and hot water point. Woolf Lounge also features an impressive Virginia Woolf mural!

Woolf Lounge with Virginia Woolf mural on wall.

Woolf Lounge.

Eliot Lounge

Eliot Lounge is located on level 4 in Eliot College, room in the west wing. Eliot Lounge has lots of seating, sculptures, a view over Eliot Hall and even a piano. There's also a kitchen area with a fridge, tap, hot water point and microwave.

Eliot lounge showing table and chats, seating and sculptures

Eliot Lounge

Eliot's Corner Lounge

Eliot's Corner Lounge is located to the right of the main Eliot College entrance, as soon as you cross over the bridge. The lounge includes seating and a kitchen with a microwave, tap and hot water tap.

Eliot's Corner Lounge seating and kitchen.

Eliot Corner Lounge.

Chipperfield Ext. Community Lounge

The Community Lounge is located on the ground floor of the Chipperfield Extension side entrance. As well as a social room and meeting room, there are two quiet study rooms, lockers, and kitchen access with a refrigerator, microwave, and kettle.

Seating area of Chipperfield Extension Community Lounge

Mandela kitchen (Kent Union)

The kitchen in Mandela is located on the ground floor on the left as you come in the door of the Mandela Student Centre building. There is a tap, hot water tap and microwave you can use. 

Mandela kitchen.

Mandela kitchen.

Medway social spaces

See our social spaces at our Medway campus. Medway map of microwaves (Universities at Medway).

Oasis Lounge, Medway Building

The new and improved Oasis Lounge is now located on the 1st floor of the Medway Building and is a place you can meet friends, study, heat up lunch and grab a drink.

The Oasis Lounge is bright and spacious and includes a pool table to help you chill out between classes. 

Pool table and seating in Oasis Lounge.

Oasis Lounge.

Hook Lounge, Clocktower Building

The Hook Lounge is based in the Clocktower building at the Dockyard, Medway. The Hook Lounge has vending machines which also provide free hot water to make your own drinks, plus a TV to help you chill out.

Please note we can not install a microwave in the Hook Lounge due to fire safety regulations. See other microwave locations.

Kitchen area of Hook Lounge

Hook Lounge.


You let us know you wanted more places to hang out, especially where you could heat up your own food. We have upgraded some of our social spaces and also increased the number of these social spaces at our campuses, based on your student feedback.

If there is an issue with any of the social spaces or you want to provide any feedback, please email

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