Careers, placements and volunteering

We are committed to enhancing the employability of all our students, undergraduate and postgraduate, in order to enable them to compete and flourish in a competitive, fast-moving economy.

Career guidance

We have award-winning career guidance at Kent so make sure you use it! Learn more about our careers advice and events.

Work and placement opportunities

Check out all the opportunities available for you to find a job while you study, take a year in industry, add a year to your degree on a different course and more. There are plenty of ways to gain experience and tailor your university experience. 

Volunteering and development opportunities

There are lots of opportunities to help you enhance your skills, boost your CV and help you to grow as a person while at Kent.   

Grad goals

Together with Kent Union, we have outlined seven graduate attributes top employers are looking for and how to gain them while at Kent.  

Get rewarded

We want to reward you for your hard work. Check out our extracurricular schemes to help you to develop your skills further.  

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