Our aim at Kent is to design all of our services with inclusivity in mind - identifying potential barriers and working towards solutions to remove them as far in advance as possible.

Are you an international student at Kent?

International students with disabilities can request extra support throughout their time at Kent, take a look at our dedicated page for internationals for support to suit you.

Depending on your specific needs, support available may include some of the following:


  • UK students are encouraged to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) to provide funding for specialist support and equipment. Student Support can advise and help you with your DSA application; click here for the government's guidance and application process. 
  • Worried about paying for your prescriptions? If you have a low income, you may get support with NHS costs -  students are covered by the NHS low-income scheme.  

Inclusive Learning Plans (ILPs) & Adapted Exam Arrangements

  • Inclusive Learning Plans (ILPs) are created by Student Support and Wellbeing's Disability Advisers. ILPs specify reasonable adjustments which will enable students to have appropriate arrangements for their programme of study, assessments and exams. Here is a visual guide to How to get an ILP?
  • Students requiring adapted arrangements for exams must be registered with student Support and Wellbeing and provide some form of medical evidence e.g. Educational Psychologist's Report or medical letter. If you believe you might need adapted arrangements for exams please contact Student Support and Wellbeing as soon as possible. This must be done before Week 22 of the academic year, as after this it will be too late to implement arrangements prior to exams. Here is a visual guide:  How do I get adjusted exam arrangements?
  • If you have had adapted arrangements for past exams and the information on your Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP) is correct you do not need to take  any further action.
  • If your arrangements need to be renewed or revised, please make an appointment with your adviser by contacting Student Support and Wellbeing here. 
  • For further support and clarification, please see the Inclusive Learning Plan Adjustment Glossary (PDF 144KB).


  • We aim to offer all full time undergraduate and postgraduate students with disabilities and/or complex personal care needs appropriate accommodation. 
  • Please contact Student Support and Wellbeing at the earliest opportunity to arrange a visit to campus so together we can identify and accommodate your learning and living needs, including necessary reasonable adaptations prior to your arrival, and any support from outside agencies. 

To apply for accommodation online or for more information: 

Alternative formats

Assistive technologies

  • A selection of free tools, apps and software that can save you time, make it easier to access study material and increase your productivity. 


Specialist Mentor will meet student weekly (see mentors). Mentoring can help with time management, and organising or planning work, and for personal issues such as social anxiety. Mentoring is suitable for students with autism and students with mental health difficulties. 


Educational Support Assistants (see ESA team) can provide one to one support in lectures and seminars, or provide additional library-based support. Apply to your Disability Adviser for further information. 

An educational support assistant helps me find books, essays and articles in the library because I can't do that on my own... it helps me keep up with my studies and submit my assignments on time.

3rd year blind student
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