Support for International Students

Disability and wellbeing support for International Students.

Video (3 min 27 seconds) of International Adviser describing support for international students at the University of Kent (with closed captions and British Sign Language interpretation).  

Student Support and Wellbeing has a specialist service for International and European Union students with physical disabilities, long term health conditions, hearing loss of all levels, visual impairments and autistic students.

On this page, you can find out how to get your support set up before you start at Kent, or during your studies. 

International students face unique challenges. My dedicated International Wellbeing Advisers have given me a foundation of support and community, and the Kent Community Oasis Garden provides a space for us to feel a sense of meaning and belonging.

Haifa, PhD student

Setting up your support

Get in touch

If you're an International or EU student with a place to study at the University of Kent and think you may need additional support, please contact us as soon as you can so we can begin to arrange your support.

We meet with students, either in person or online via Microsoft Teams to assess their study related support needs before they start university. 

What happens next?

After our initial meeting, you'll need to register with Student Support and Wellbeing, and provide up-to-date medical evidence. Medical evidence should be translated into English wherever possible.

The medical evidence forms the basis of support at the university, which may include a creation of an Inclusive Learning Plan (ILP), the provision of assistive technology, and specialist support staff (e.g. a mentor or study skills tutor), as well as a point of contact in our team throughout the degree programme.

We can also refer to other teams within Student Support and Wellbeing, e.g. the Mental Health team or Specific Learning Difficulties team for more tailored support options.

In our specialist service, we understand the impact that cultural differences can have on disability support, and we will help support you with transition into the UK. We can also help signpost and explain helpful UK-wide networks, e.g. how to access the NHS (National Health Service). We run specific events and workshops for international disabled students to support one and other.

Please contact us as soon as possible after your application if you require significant support, to allow time for us to meet your needs before the start of your course. 

Please note:

We're not able to provide personal care support (e.g. support with day-to-day living activities, within accommodation, domestic activities or providing long-term mobility aids like wheelchairs).

If you require this support type of support, please include these additional costs in your budget for the duration of your course before you come to the UK.

When you are here

Once you have started at Kent, you can continue to meet with your adviser, who can:

  • Recommend student groups that promote activities with and for international students.
  • Monitor the progress and coordination of interventions through the academic year.
  • Prepare you for departure from Kent onto whatever you would like to do next.

Groups and Activities

There are lots of support groups and networks at Kent for International students.

The International Wellbeing Group

This is a student-led group that meets every week on Thursdays from 2-4pm. The group meets physically or virtually to provide informal conversations amongst international students to improve their wellbeing.  The group organizes games and outings at different times in the calendar year. If you would like to find out more please email, or check out the Student Support and Wellbeing Events calendar.

Kent Community Oasis Garden

KentCOG gives students the opportunity to take part in workshops and peer support activities with an aim to improve mental health and wellbeing.

If you want to learn more about ecotherapy and be part of group discussions surrounding mental health issues and its links, sign up via

International Student Groups

Here at the University of Kent, we have large and welcoming international student community. There are lots of student-led international groups for students of different nationalities, cultures and religions. All groups and societies can be found on Kent Unions Activities page.

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