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English and academic skills

At Kent, we're committed to helping you fulfil your potential and achieve your goals. We provide modules in English language and academic skills that you can take alongside your degree programme, to make sure you are getting the most from your studies. Our friendly, experienced staff are experts in the teaching of English for Academic Purposes.

In-sessional elective (credit-bearing) modules

Our in-sessional elective modules are credit-bearing modules that students on social science or humanities courses can choose to study as part of their degree programme. 

We also offer a module tailored to the particular requirements of science students, with an emphasis on more technical language and report writing. 

Our Talking Cultures module explores cultural differences, stereotypes and prejudices and is designed to enhance intercultural awareness and communication. 

If you would like to choose any of these modules, discuss your choices with your academic adviser. 

English Language and Academic Skills

All international students registered at the University can participate in the free English Language and Academic Skills (ELAS) modules, which are designed to help you improve in areas such as:

  • English grammar and pronunciation
  • essay writing
  • note-taking
  • participating in seminar discussions
  • incorporating sources in written work.

In addition to the taught modules, you can book individual tutorials. 

The ELAS modules run alongside your degree studies in the autumn and spring terms.

Note that ELAS modules do not carry academic credits and so do not contribute to the credits you need for your degree.  If you attend at least 70% of an ELAS module, you will receive a certificate of attendance.

By attending ELAS modules you earn Employability Points (5 points per two hours up to a maximum of 20 points per module – excludes individual speaking and writing tutorials). To claim your points, you need to log them on My Folio.

Which ELAS module is right for you?

If you need help with  ...  ...sign up for this module Autumn term Spring term

Writing essays (structure, style, academic English, incorporating sources)

EDUC0001 and/or individual writing tutorial Weeks 10–14, Wednesdays Weeks 26–28, Wednesdays
English grammar EDUC0002 Weeks 10–14, Wednesdays Weeks 26–28, Wednesdays

Giving clearly structured presentations, participating in seminar discussions

EDUC0003 Weeks 10–14, Wednesdays Weeks 26–28, Wednesdays

Pronouncing English clearly and communicating socially 

EDUC0003 and/or individual speaking tutorial Weeks 10–14, Wednesdays Weeks 26–28, Wednesdays
Taking accurate, relevant notes in lectures EDUC0004 Weeks 10–14, Wednesdays Weeks 26–28, Wednesdays
Individual Writing tutorials   Weeks 12–19, Individual appointments Weeks 26-35, Wednesdays 2pm-3pm
Individual Speaking tutorials     Weeks 26-35, Tuesdays 11am-12pm

Booking ELAS modules and tutorials

Before booking modules or tutorials, please check your timetable to ensure you are able to attend.  

Students can sign up to workshops following the these simple steps on the Kent Vision Portal:

  • Click on my timetable and events
  • Select my workshop and events 
  • Now click on manage workshops
  • Hit Search
  • You should now see what is available, select Sign up, and then Proceed 

If you are having difficulty registering for a module or booking an appointment, or you need further advice, please email

Individual speaking tutorials

*Please note speaking tutorials will only be held in the spring term

Individual speaking tutorials give you the opportunity to refine your spoken accuracy, fluency, and pronunciation for seminars and presentations with an academic member of staff, who will give you advice and feedback on your speaking.

Tutorials are available in autumn and spring terms. To book, please email with the subject line 'Speaking tutorial'.

Individual writing tutorials

Individual writing tutorials give you the opportunity to discuss your academic writing with a member of staff from International Programmes, who will give you advice on the structure, coherence, and cohesion of your work. Please note: this is not a proofreading service.

Tutorials are available throughout the year. To book, please email with the subject line 'Writing tutorial'.

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