Male and female students of mixed ethnicity chatting outside Kennedy Building on summer day

Internationalise your degree

Kent has a diverse international community and links with universities and research institutions around the world. We value intercultural awareness in everything we do. As a student at Kent, become a global citizen by participating in our internationalisation initiatives.

Talking Cultures

Talking Cultures aims to enhance awareness of cultural differences by exploring cultural heritage, prejudices and stereotypes. Topics covered include:

  • how verbal and non-verbal communication can create barriers that may lead to cultural misunderstanding
  • sociocultural norms
  • politeness, respect and power, and etiquette. 

If you are studying a language, focusing on a culture associated with the language you are learning helps to deepen your understanding of both. 

Talking Cultures elective module

Talking Cultures can be studied as an elective credit-bearing module:

Talk to your academic adviser if you would like to choose Talking Cultures as an elective.

Talking Cultures workshops

Talking Cultures is also available as a series of workshops. These workshops do not carry academic credits but are particularly useful if you are planning to study abroad as part of your degree at Kent.

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The GOLD programme

The Global Officers Leadership Development (GOLD) programme provides opportunities for undergraduate students to develop their leadership skills, global citizenship and cultural awareness. GOLD is available as a  co-curricular programme and as an elective, credit-bearing module.

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