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The GOLD Programme

Global Officers' Leadership Development (GOLD) Programme

The GOLD Programme

Are you a globally minded undergraduate at Kent? 

The GOLD Programme is a year-long extracurricular course designed to develop your leadership skills, global citizenship and intercultural awareness. 

The programme fits around your academic studies, so you can learn at a pace that works for you. You'll gain a range of important global skills, adding value to your degree. 

And you'll become a Global Officer, working closely with the Dean & Director of Global and Lifelong Learning to help organise and support globally focused activities. 

Applications now closed for 23/24. Return in Jun 24 for 24/25.

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What does the GOLD Programme involve?

The year-long programme is made up of several components designed to fit around your studies. You must complete all five components to complete the programme. 

This is where you will identify your skillset and goals for the year. 

You will attend: 

  • an Autumn term welcome session, where you will learn about cultural intelligence and reflect on your skills and intercultural awareness
  • a Spring term Curriculum Internationalisation workshop, aimed at developing a common language and clarifying key terms. 

This will give you an excellent foundation and roadmap for achieving yoru global skills and ambitions!

Your leadership and global skills development will be supported throughout the year with training workshops. 

You will need to attend a minimum of two of the following to pass the programme. Workshops held throughout the year on topics such as: 

  • Talking Cultures
  • Sustainability
  • Internationalisation
  • Leadership in a Global Context
  • Event Management

The workshops will help you to build and diversify your skillset.

Participate in a range of engagement and information exchange activities on campus, such as: 

  • marketing and promotion projects
  • student media campaigns
  • focus groups
  • campus tours
  • other engagement activities
  • membership of student societies
  • acting as a student rep

This will provide you with practical experience to add to your CV. Plus, you'll gain the satisfaction that comes from contributing to the University of Kent wider community!

Here's where you'll put your learning into action!

Based on your chosen goals, you'll be allocated events and activities to plan and deliver, such as: 

  • Global Hangout events
  • WorldFest-related events
  • Sustainability forums
  • Virtual exchanges
  • Management of Global Officers social media accounts
  • Additional events you organise yourself as a part of the programme

This is where you get to see your skills come to life! You'll gain hands-on experience of planning and delivering regular events and activities. 

You will attend an interactive group session where you'll reflect on your progress and set goals for the future. 

This is your opportunity to consider how far you've come on the programme and map out how you'll put your skills into practice in the wider world!

Key links and information

  • walk

    Boost your leadership skills

    Take the lead on globally focused projects and events that benefit our diverse University community

  • earth

    Become a global citizen

    Being a global citizen is a crucial part of any world-class education. Learn how to be part of an interconnected world. 

  • brain

    Improve your cultural intelligence

    Gain a deeper understanding of intercultural communication, giving you a competitive edge in the future global workplace. 

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    Build your confidence

    Bring your ideas to life and create a positive impact for other students at the University. 

What will I gain?

In addition to earning Employability Points, you'll also receive: 

  • A certificate of recognition
  • A personal reference from the Dean & Director of Global and Lifelong Learning
  • Practical event and project planning experience
  • A chance to record your international skills development in the Kent Global Passport

If you'd like to earn credit while completing the GOLD programme, visit our GOLD module page


We also offer The GOLD Programme as a year-long 15-credit elective module. Both interactive and practical, the module will enable you to contribute to, and lead on, internationalisation activities across the University, in particular the promotion of events and initiatives. 

Students taking GOLD5000 are required to follow and complete all the components of The GOLD Programme. 

“It was enjoyable to see our work being put into practice, as a lot of university work is more theoretical and with GOLD, we had the opportunity to see the results of our work”

“I was able to improve my cultural awareness, communication skills, be more organised and learned how to plan my time more wisely.”

“I have felt more of a part of the university community. I have made many friends. I have felt my contribution positively impact other students.”

“In regard to career development, it helps me obtain project management and teamwork skills.”

How to apply to the GOLD Programme

Duration: One academic year

Eligibility: Undergraduate students at any stage of study

Person criteria: must be committed, reliable, enthusiastic, organised and professional

Applications are now closed for 2023/24. Please return in June 2024 to apply for 2024/25.

For further information, email

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