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As a research intensive university with 97% of our research being world-leading, this has an impact on the international positioning of the education which we provide. At Kent we have one of the highest percentages of students studying under the Erasmus scheme of any multi-faculty UK university.

We also offer a wealth of European and international opportunities for study, work and travel in a stimulating and effective learning community. Kent is the only UK university with specialist study centres in four European capital cities.

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  • Join a class with an international focus through Kent Extra
  • Gain work or volunteering experience in diverse environments
  • Use Kew-Net to access career mentoring from around the world
  • Become a Buddy for a new student from a different culture
  • Visit our activities page to stay up to date with intercultural festivals and events


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Shaleen talks about her experiences of being an Indian student at Kent. 

Visit our youtube channel for more experiences shared by Kent students from across the globe.

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I found the experience very useful to understand certain topics from a different perspective. Moreover, we get to know new approaches and solutions to the same problems. I found the experience mind-opening.



An essential component of internationalisation of Higher Education

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Importance of Curriculum Internationalisation

The University if Kent recognises that the impact of curriculum internationalisation will be more profound if this involves Internationalising learning outcomes, content, teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks.

It is recognised that in order to be successful, the approach taken needs to go beyond isolated optional subjects, experiences and activities for a minority of students and should focus on all students’ learning. Importantly, the process needs to be undertaken in a planned, systematic and sustainable way. 

In addition to reading our Curriculum Internationalisation Toolkit, you can also watch the Think Kent Video by Dr Anthony Manning which provides an overview of the principles, benefits and challenges of Curriculum Internationalisation.   

Curriculum Internationalisation Working Party (CIWP)

Kent's current CIWP is comprised of representatives from across the University's faculties and academically focused Professional Service Departments. The CIWP recognises that it is necessary to: 

  • Keep abreast of literature and existing sector good practice for curriculum internationalisation and available toolkits
  • Identify and share models of existing good practice within Schools and Faculties
  • Devise/define a mechanism for internationalising modules, programme specifications and intended learning outcomes
  • Outline a framework for a Kent-focused curriculum internationalisation training and support materials

For further guidance download our toolkit.

Curriculum Internationalisation Toolkit


GEMs are wild modules with an international dimension, they cover a diverse range of subjects from global histories and religions to environments and cultures. You could even learn a new language!

Global Engagement Modules: 3 Easy Steps

  1. Check: Make sure your programme of study allows wild modules. If you are unsure check with your school first.
  2. Select: Choose a GEM you would like to take. You'll need to meet pre-requisites in order to take it.
  3. Apply: When selecting your modules use the wild module selection table to include your GEM as one of your preferred modules


Global Learning Online

A co-curricular virtual exchange initiative which has been devised to introduce students at Kent to cross-cultural academic learning experiences online to compliment their existing studies.

Explore the opportunities available to you.

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GLO Programme features

Learning outcomes

Students on these projects will:

  • identify and enhance their digital literacy skills
  • deepen their understanding and awareness of their intercultural competences
  • learn, appreciate and evaluate different international perspectives
  • strengthen their intercultural dialogue skills
  • develop their knowledge in an area of their studies


Information for Kent staff and Partners

If you have an idea for a GLO project and would like to explore further, or require assistance in framing out the project, please contact us at

Current Opportunities

Global Campus Read with West Virginia University, USA Spring 2021: Join a common reading experience to foster dialogue, critical thinking, and participation which will encourage conversation and collaboration between students from West Virginia University and other universities around the world.  This online course is based on the book, 'The Girl who Smiled Beads' by Clemantine WamariyaContact us for more information or to register your interest (Please register by 1 November)

Social Circles: Not sure, if Virtual Exchange may be for you?  Then sign up to a short taster course. Contact us for more information including how to apply.

GLO with Tamagawa University (Japan) - Culture - Autumn Term 2020-21:"The aim is to communicate and study online with students in Japan at Tamagawa University. The joint task involves students working together to identify​ cultural interests of university students in the UK, Japan and other nations. Only open to students on LA553 Japanese Pre-Intermediate and LA559 Japanese Intermediate. 

Past Opportunities

Cultural Encounters: The Big Climate Movement 12th October - 11 December 2020: This course focuses on key debates around climate change.  As young people mobilise around one of humanity’s biggest questions, this course asks: what is the impact of climate change on the planet; political action and the movement of people?  Opportunity to engage with students across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean.  With the guidance of certified dialogue facilitators, you will meet weekly to discuss the themes of the course and engage in interactive assignments building 21st-century skills and bringing your online experience to your offline reality. Participants develop transversal skills such as self-esteem, curiosity and cross-cultural communication skills and will be awarded Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange digital Badges highlighting the skills achieved.  

Connect Express: 2nd November - 26th November: This course allows you to engage in meaningful cross-cultural dialogue, exploring identity and communication in the digital world. Topics include but are not limited to, biases & stereotypes; gender roles; role of the media; immigration; human rights; positive change and the role of youth.  With the guidance of certified dialogue facilitators, you will meet weekly for a 2 hour online session.  At the end of the course, you will be required to produce a reflective paper on your experience. 

General Information

If need general information or have questions regarding our GLO opportunities, please do get in touch

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Kent Global Passport (KGP)

The Kent Global Passport (KGP) is a free online app designed to assess your Cultural Intelligence (CQ). 

CQ is a multi-functional and transferable skill that you can take with you anywhere! You also earn Employability points while completing your KGP.

Begin your KGP User guidance (PDF)

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