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As a research intensive university with 97% of our research being world-leading, this has an impact on the international positioning of the education which we provide. At Kent we have one of the highest percentages of students studying under incoming and outgoing exchange programmes of any multi-faculty UK university.

We also offer a wealth of European and international opportunities for study, work and travel in a stimulating and effective learning community. We are champions of global exchange and internationalisation at home to support all students in benefitting from an international experience at Kent, whether you are able to travel or not Kent also has specialist study locations in Paris and Brussels

More opportunities for global exchange and internationalisation at home

  • Join a class with an international focus through Study Plus
  • Gain work or volunteering experience in diverse environments
  • Become a Buddy for a new student from a different culture
  • Visit our events page to stay up to date with intercultural festivals and events


Hear from our students

Shaleen talks about her experiences of being an Indian student at Kent. 

Visit our youtube channel for more experiences shared by Kent students from across the globe.

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I found the experience very useful to understand certain topics from a different perspective. Moreover, we get to know new approaches and solutions to the same problems. I found the experience mind-opening.



An essential component of internationalisation of Higher Education

More information

Internationalisation at Home

The goal of Internationalisation at Home is for all students to enjoy an internationalised student experience, not always through physical travel, but also within the bounds of their home environment. We have a duty to help students to unpack and access the vibrant and meaningful opportunities in working with others from different cultures. Students can benefit from the amazing resource that is our diverse campus in order to develop an internationalised experience.

Internationalisation at Home offers a broad range of activities to allow students to shape what they wish to do. Through our virtual exchange project, students can grow in confidence, work with international teams and gain important IT skills – all of which will have a positive impact when students go into the workplace. Kent’s approach to Internationalisation at Home is having a network of activity with a strong community feel across staff and student communities.

Importance of Curriculum Internationalisation

The University of Kent recognises that the impact of curriculum internationalisation will be more profound if this involves Internationalising learning outcomes, content, teaching and learning activities and assessment tasks.

It is recognised that in order to be successful, the approach taken needs to go beyond isolated optional subjects, experiences and activities for a minority of students and should focus on all students’ learning. Importantly, the process needs to be undertaken in a planned, systematic and sustainable way. 

In addition to reading our Curriculum Internationalisation Toolkit, you can also watch the Think Kent Video by Dr Anthony Manning which provides an overview of the principles, benefits and challenges of Curriculum Internationalisation.   

Curriculum Internationalisation Network on AdvanceHE Connect

Access the AdvanceHE Connect platform and to enter a cross-sector network designed for academics and professional services staff who share an interest in Curriculum Internationalisation and Internationalisation at Home. This Network has been created by Dr Anthony Manning, Dean for Internationalisation.

(You may need to register with Advance HE Connect before being able to use the link).

For further guidance download our toolkit.


GEMs are wild modules with an international dimension, they cover a diverse range of subjects from global histories and religions to environments and cultures. You could even learn a new language!

Global Engagement Modules: 3 Easy Steps

  1. Check: Make sure your programme of study allows wild modules. If you are unsure check with your school first.
  2. Select: Choose a GEM you would like to take. You'll need to meet pre-requisites in order to take it.
  3. Apply: When selecting your modules use the wild module selection table to include your GEM as one of your preferred modules


Global Learning Online

A co-curricular virtual exchange initiative which has been devised to introduce students at Kent to cross-cultural academic learning experiences online to compliment their existing studies.

Explore the opportunities available to you.

Discover GLO

GLO Programme features

Learning outcomes

Students on these projects will:

  • identify and enhance their digital literacy skills
  • deepen their understanding and awareness of their intercultural competences
  • learn, appreciate and evaluate different international perspectives
  • strengthen their intercultural dialogue skills
  • develop their knowledge in an area of their studies


Information for Kent staff and Partners

Students are able to participate in 'ready-made' virtual exchanges offered by our partner universities and organisations.  Or, staff can design bespoke projects in collaboration with our partners to meet the needs of a particular module or cohort of students.  

If you have an idea for a GLO project and would like to explore further, or require assistance in framing out the project, please contact us at

Current Opportunities

GLO with University of Bordeaux (France) - Law - Autumn Term 2022: Students will be paired with 3rd year students from the Law faculty at Bordeaux and engage in discussions, in English, on a variety of subjects arising out of their legal studies such as the differences between the two jurisdictions, comparisons between the two educational systems and how contemporary global legal issues are tackled. Each pair will complete a logbook documenting their discussions and work towards a common project. Only open to stage 2 and above students studying law as part of their degree at the University of Kent (including joint honours programmes) and participating students must have at least a basic level of French

Global Leadership Forum - 27th October 2022 8am-12.30pm BST: We have partnered with Common Purpose, to offer places to Kent students on their Global Leadership Forum.  The Forum offers you the chance to come together with peers from across the world and to hear from inspiring speakers on the biggest issues, challenges, and opportunities that we face.  The morning will be broken into different sections so that you can choose your own learning journey.  There will be two Leadership Masterclasses with expert speakers, and an optional networking session so that you can meet and network with students from different universities across the world.  

Who can you meet?  Speakers from across the world from well-known companies such Microsoft, ASOS, MCR Pathways, as well as lesser known, Humanity in Tech (Portugal), Very Chic Ltd (Kenya) and Global Conservation Corps (South Africa). 
By completing the programme, you have the opportunity to earn a 'Global Leadership' micro credential from Common Purpose, which you can then share on platforms such as LinkedIn.  Places are limited so expressions of interest should be submitted by 17th October 2022 here

GLO with Tamagawa University (Japan) - Culture - Autumn Term 2022: The aim is to communicate and study online with students in Japan at Tamagawa University. The joint task involves students working together to identify​ cultural interests of university students in the UK, Japan and other nations. Only open to students on WOLA553 Japanese Pre-Intermediate and WOLA559 Japanese Intermediate. 

Hong Kong Baptist University Spring 2023: Students are able to take a module online in addition to their main studies at Kent, with our partner university, Hong Kong Baptist University.  The current list of modules available can be found here, all are taught in English.  Alongside the classes, students' virtual study experiences will be enhanced through virtual student-led activities such as buddy schemes, cultural immersion activities and talks.  Places are limited. Expressions of interest should be submitted by 21st October 2022 here  

Global Circles, Various dates. 2 week facilitated dynamic dialogue exchange opportunities for young people on compelling social impact issues that matter across cultures and continents.  More details and to apply, please see

Past Opportunities

Global Community Challenge with University of Calgary, (Canada) Autumn 2022. The 8-week Global Community Challenge YYC creates opportunities for students to work in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary teams to identify potential solutions for local organisations in the Calgary community that have an impact globally.  The challenge also includes a series of professional development workshops.  Further details can be found here

Connect Collaborate, Soliya 4 April - 6 May 2022: Engage with peers around the world in small groups and gain practical experience in constructive communication and cross-cultural collaboration.  Each group will meet online for real-time discussion once a week for 2hrs via an online, videoconferencing platform.  In your group, you will create a social media awareness campaign, and an infographic that will accompany the campaign.  This year's focal theme will be Inequality or Technology.  

Climate Movements, Sharing Perspectives Foundation 14 March - 13 May 2022:  Join this virtual exchange with students from across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean on this collaborative project.  Join weekly 2-hour sessions at a time convenient to you to explore themes around climate change, movement of people, climate refugees and politics of un/sustainability.  Stimulated by video lectures and audio-visual materials, participants will exchange ideas and perspectives in their intercultural, online group session. 

Asian Studies with Kansai Gaidai University, Japan. 25 January - 27 May 2022: Students are able to take a module online in addition to their main studies at Kent, with our partner university, Kansai Gaidai University.  You can choose from Japanese language or courses focused on Japan and Asia.  The current list of modules can be viewed here.  Participation in its Intercultural Engagement Program at least once a month and online interactions with local Kansai Gaidai students also available.  There is a non-refundable registration fee of JPY10,000 (Approx. US$95).  

Global Campus Read with West Virginia University, USA Spring 2022: Join a common reading experience to foster dialogue, critical thinking, and participation which will encourage conversation and collaboration between students from West Virginia University and other universities around the world.  This asynchronous online course is based on the book, 'The Line Becomes a River: Dispatches from the Border' by Francisco Cantu. 

General Information

If you need general information or have questions regarding our GLO opportunities, please do get in touch


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Kent Global Passport (KGP)

The Kent Global Passport (KGP) is a free online app designed to assess your Cultural Intelligence (CQ). 

CQ is a multi-functional and transferable skill that you can take with you anywhere! You also earn Employability points while completing your KGP.

Begin your KGP User guidance (PDF)

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