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Our strategy

At the heart of our strategy is an understanding of the importance of actively embedding and infusing international, or globally-focused values, into the development and realisation of all aspects of Kent’s activity. In achieving this, it is believed that educational strategy will be better connected with the global context and intercultural competences. These ambitions also respond to the pervasive nature of internationalisation, as it is embedded across each of the three main strands of Research, Education and Engagement, in the University's Institutional Plan.

Our Vision - By 2025

Our Internationalisation strategy document presents the renewed approach to Kent’s international strategic activity from 2019-2025. The strategic direction of Kent’s internationalisation, as described in the 2015-2020 strategy document, has been adjusted in response to the University’s refreshed institutional strategy and changes in the Higher Education landscape, which have shifted significantly over the last 5 years.   

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