Global Engagement at University of Kent

Kent students at Global Hangout event

Global Engagement

Kent's international links allow staff and students to enhance their experience through contact with different countries, cultures and experiences.

The University of Kent has long-standing partnerships and collaborative links covering teaching or research with a large number of prestigious Higher Education Institutions across the globe. Visits to partners provide opportunities to exchange ideas and good practice and gain insights into the HE/business culture in other countries.

Many students studying at Kent undertake international placements or other academic activities throughout the EU, Africa, Asia, the Middle East and both North and South America. There are also a number of projects providing on-campus and digital activities for students to engage with internationalisation.

Global Impact

The University of Kent's strong global impact is based on our external networks, partnerships with leading universities in Europe and around the world, and our staff, students and alumni. Our key strengths stem from the activities listed below:

  • Strategic international relationships
  • Partnerships and exchanges with over 350 universities around the world
  • International networks
  • Engagement with international funding programmes 
  • Academic programmes with student placements
  • International double awards
  • Internationalisation and research
  • International student experience
  • Internationalisation at Home activities   
  • Internationalisation of the Curriculum
  • Scholarships for top international students
  • International alumni groups and networks
  • Staff from around the world
  • European centres
  • European Commission award 


Hear from our students

Kent students talk about 'Going Abroad' as part of their studies at Kent.

Visit our go abroad page for more testimonials of Kent students experiences studying or working abroad.

More stories


Thank you for this opportunity to meet people who I otherwise wouldn’t have and to enjoy lots of lovely food! I have been studying for days for an exam and this evening was exactly what I needed. The staff were great and the music was very relaxing


The Global Officers Leadership Development (GOLD) programme provides opportunity for undergraduate students to develop their leadership skills, Global Citizenship and cultural awareness.

What is the GOLD programme

Each year the Director and Dean for Global and Lifelong Learning, Dr Anthony Manning, offers undergraduate students the opportunity to apply to take part in a specially designed leadership development programme and become a student Global Officer at Kent.

Make a difference on your campus

At the University of Kent, we hope all students will engage with internationalisation opportunities on campus and pursue the mind-set that we can all be Global Citizens. The GOLD Programme is an opportunity to enhance that citizenship. As a co-curricular venture, it provides a framework of activities for globally-minded undergraduate student to develop their leadership skills, Global Citizenship and cultural awareness. Students on the Programme will work with the Dean and other colleagues across the University to support and advise on the range of internationalisation projects, activities and event.

Make GOLD a 'wild' module on your course

As well as completing it as a co-curricular activity, the GOLD programme can also be taken as a credit-bearing 'wild' module (GOLD 5000). Speak to your academic school to find out if your programme permits this. 

Meet our Global Officers

Representing a range of culture, academic discipline and personal interests, we are delighted to showcase our current cohort of Global Officers

Become a Global Officer!

  • Eligibility: Undergraduate students at any stage of their studies.
  • Person criteria: Committed; Enthusiastic; Friendly; Reliable; Organised; Professional
  • Programme outline: To understand full breakdown of programme components, please read the programme outline before applying 

Applications are now open

Applications for the 2022/23 academic year are now open.  

Kent Global hangouts

Network and engage with people from around the world

Global Hangouts are free global networking events arranged throughout the academic year. With a fun and relaxed atmosphere, each hangout includes interactive activities, refreshments, live music and performances. Tickets are free and open to ALL students.

Global Web Hangouts

Hosted online, the events are open to Kent students from all campuses to attend throughout the year. 

While details of the event dates and how to sign up will be released here in the near future, the hangouts often coincide with the following festivals and celebrations

  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Diwali
  • WorldFest
  • Hannukah
  • Chinese New Year

Also see this list of the upcoming international events from around the University.

Kent Global Events

World Cafe at Medway

The Medway World Cafe is open to ALL students at the Medway Campus. This is a great place to relax away from your study, meet and make friends, play games and enjoy free tea/coffee and cake.

The events are hosted by the Medway Campus Chaplaincy.


Funding to support student-led national or cultural events and celebrations

What is Worldfest Bitesize Fund?

Co-funded by International Partnerships and Student Services, the Worldfest Bitesize Fund has been established to enable University of Kent student societies to apply for a financial award of up to £350 to help run a multicultural event. 

Examples of events and celebrations that we have supported include Diwali, Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving, Kent African Summit, Newroz, Holi, African Evening Gala, Discover Islam, Japanese Cultural Festival, Asian Fusion and a Thai Festival. Deadline for applications is the 15th day of every month.