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Join us for our first Innovations in Internationalisation at Home Workshop where you can collaborate with colleagues across the sector to identify new ways to develop enhance and extend the breadth and impact of your Internationalisation at Home activities.

Innovations in Internationalisation at Home Workshop #IIH2022


Building on the great success of IIH2019, IIH2021 and IIH2022 conferences we are pleased to announce our first IIH Workshop on Friday 9th September, 2022 at City, University of London.  

This in-person event will include a series of workshops and round-table styled activities which will build on the themes of our recent conference which took place digitally on 15 July 2022.


1. Internationalisation and the Student Experience

2. Developing Intercultural Competence and Skills

3. Community Building in Internationalisation at Home

It will provide practitioners with the opportunity to learn from colleagues,  bring their own challenges and problems, to hopefully leave with solutions to enhance their own practice.  

Full schedule for the day can be seen below.


Standard rate:    £130

Early bird rate*:  £100 

Student rate:      £75

*Early bird rate closes on 12th August


Booking for this London Workshop has now closed.    

For more information and questions, please contact us at iihconference@kent.ac.uk 



Arrival and Registrations with refreshments

09.15 - 09.45


Welcoming Address

09.45: Dr James Rodgers, Assistant VP Global Engagement, City University of London


Keynote Address

10.00: Dr Anthony Manning, Director & Dean for Global and Lifelong Learning, University of Kent

How To Systematise Internationalisation at Home Locally, and in the Wider Sector 

This address will discuss the ongoing work of the UUKi Working Group on Internationalisation at Home and will harness your reflections on possible next steps.  You will have the opportunity to explore opportunities and mechanisms for systematising Internationalisation at Home in your own local contexts and be asked to contribute to sector-level considerations regarding how we can better organise, evaluate and promote the value of IaH at sector level. 


Working Sessions 1

10.30 - 12.30

1. How to use UKCISA's International Student Charter to improve student experience

Julie Allen, Director of Member Services and Policy, UKCISA and Simran Mahajan UKCISA student ambassador

In June 2022 after almost two years of discussion, consultation and development, UKCISA launched the #WeAreInternational Student Charter.  This is a student-led document, created by UKCISA’s #WeAreInternational student ambassadors, and developed with the input of students and staff from across the UK. The charter provides guidance on the fundamental principles for delivering a world-class international student experience, from pre-arrival to post-graduation.  UKCISA’s Director of Member Services and Policy Julie Allen, together with Simran Mahajan UKCISA student ambassador, will explain how the charter evolved and outline the key points you need to know about the charter. There will be an opportunity for you to discuss with peers how you might use the charter to improve the student experience in your institution.  

UKCISA - international student advice and guidance - WeAreInternational Student Charter

2. How to develop and establish a COIL Project

Nayiri Keshishi, Lecturer in Learning Development, University of Surrey 

The Covid-19 pandemic has required us to rethink ways in which students, across the globe, can acquire global competences when physical mobility is limited. Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) has reignited the discussion around how online platforms and technologies can facilitate global experiences and competences. The UGPN Academy represents staff/ faculty across the four UGPN partners who all share a desire to develop online activities that facilitate meaningful connections between our students. In this session, we will share our experiences and provide a practical insight into the opportunities/ challenges faced in setting up a COIL project between four different countries.  

3. How to develop inclusive assessment for international cohorts

Dr Silvia Colaiacomo, Lecturer in the Arena Centre for Research-Based Education at UCL.

The (ICC) intercultural communication skills project aims to bring together different areas of the university (academics, students and professional services) to identify good practice and a common framework to develop intercultural awareness and communication at UCL.  This workshop will support you as you reflect on how to make assessment more inclusive and how to unpack and develop assessment literacy for diverse student cohorts. We will work with different assessment tasks and consider the inclusivity and approachability of briefs and criteria from the perspective of students coming from different backgrounds. We will also reflect on the emotional impact of preparing for high stake assessments and the benefits of enhancing transferrable skills and employability through differentiated assessment tasks.  



12.30 - 13.00


Working Sessions 2

13.00 - 15.00 

1. How to co-create in the formal and informal curriculum

Daniela Standen, Associate Professor, University of Reading and Emma Marku, Internationalisation Officer, University of Kent

In this session you will consider co-creation and how this can be applied to your own context.  By reviewing models of student engagement, you will be able to assess where you are with your own initiative, and what are the benefits and challenges of working with students.   

2. How to gather, track and action international student initiatives

Denica Shute, International Student Engagement Coordinator, Leeds University Union

Pulling from the past year of experience supporting Leeds University Union’s award-winning International Student Advisory Board, this session aims to give you the tools you need to set up and coordinate your own advisory board. LUU’s International & Campaigns Coordinator, Denica, will be taking you through the steps of supporting student-led feedback to create change, empowering international students to engage with democratic processes, and tracking student/staff co-creation through its various project phases.   

3. How to develop intercultural skills through peer learning

Dr Kyriaki Koukouraki and Dr Hongfen Zhou, King's College London

This workshop aims to look at both theory and practice behind intercultural communicative competence (ICC) within the context of internationalised UK Higher Education. It will lead participants through an extra-curricular Tandem Language Learning Project to demonstrate how students’ ICC developed. Then, it will focus on a few selected intercultural skills and explore how these can be fostered through peer learning. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in activities to share their practices with colleagues and investigate how such initiatives can be expanded and transferred to other disciplines.  


Closing Remarks



Networking Drinks Reception

15.15 - 16.00

The Power of Co-Creation #IIH2022

Catch up on our recent digital conference which took place on Friday 15 July 2022.  Visit our You Tube Channel to view presentations from colleagues across the sector and contributions from our plenary speakers  who spoke about the potential of COIL/VE for a co-creative experience and Innovations in IaH, giving a critical reflection on moving towards an impactful practice.


Curriculum internationalisation is a topic of growing global academic importance, as universities expand and recruit staff and students from beyond national borders and seek to make relevant impact through teaching, innovation and engagement.

Global Case Studies in Action #IIH2021

  • UTS Sydney, Australia
  • Juniata College Pennsylvania, US
  • University of Nairobi, Kenya
  • Florida State University, US
  • Bayreuth University, Germany
  • Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong
  • University of Bristol, UK
  • Imperial College London, UK
  • University of Kent, UK
  • IIH2019

      On 5 April 2019, more than 60 colleagues from across the sector joined us for a one-day conference, at the University of Kent, to share good practice in the fields of internationalisation at home and internationalisation of the Curriculum.