Mature, commuting and part-time students

If you are a mature, commuting or part-time student (or a combination) there is plenty of additional support for you and ways to connect with those in a similar position to you. This includes a society that runs as events and study sessions at convenient times if you have other responsibilities (e.g. job and childcare) and a dedicated student network to help get your voice heard.
Three students walking along Rochester highstreet.

Mature Student Society

Kent Union has a Mature Student Society with acts as a forum to promote the challenges and needs of students over the age of 21. As well as being for mature students, the society welcomes students returning to education, part-time or a commuting student and students who have dependants or caring responsibilities.

The society meets regularly and is a great way to socialise with others students with similar responsibilities and potential interests. 

Mature and part-time student network

Kent Union has a number of student networks. The mature and part-time student network aims to represent and act as the voice for all mature, commuting and part-time Students, and to feedback key issues that affect the Mature, Commuting and Part-Time student experience to both the University and Kent Union. It is open to any student at Kent who defines as mature, commuting or part-time, so why not get involved?    

Social spaces on campus

We have a number of relaxed lounge spaces in Canterbury and Medway that are open to all students (and staff) who may wish to chat, study, eat or drink between lectures and seminars. 

Many of these spaces have access to hot water for drinks and microwaves so you can heat up food from home. 

Careers guidance

Don't forget to access our award-winning Careers and Employability Service. Our advisers can also offer you targeted advice and online resources.

Study advice

Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS) offer a range of workshops for students. 

You can also check out out software finder to find apps and software reviewed by students and staff to help you work and study smarter. 

Student parents/carers support

If you are also a student parent/carer, we have additional support and information available.

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