Religion and belief

The University of Kent is somewhere that cultural, religious and non-religious or similar philosophical beliefs of all are respected.


Our Chaplaincy provides spiritual support and facilities for students and staff of all faiths and none. The Chaplains lead worship and run social and educational events.

The Team is multi-faith, serving various Christian traditions as well as the Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist communities. The Chaplains can provide information and advice about all aspects of the religious traditions they represent. They are also available to offer appropriate support to any student - whatever the circumstances.

The University also produces a Religion Guidelines, which give practical advice and consideration to issues which may affect staff and students relating to their individual and communal religious and cultural needs.

We also have Ramadan guidelines for tips on how to stay healthy during Ramadan fasting. 

Religious Observance Guide

The Religious Observance Guide includes information on Kent's commitment to the respect for the diversity of religion, faith and belief here at Kent, as well as information on our stance on ant-semitism, how to make requests for religious observances, Ramadhan guidance and information on the support available to you    

Eliot College Chapel

There is a chapel located on the lower ground floor of Eliot College. Go in through the main entrance of the college, pass the reception at the left hand side and go through two sets of double doors. The chapel is at the bottom of the stairs which lead down on the left - these stairs are signposted as 'Chapel Staircase'.

Eliot College Chapel is used by many groups for worship and meetings during the week and at weekends.

The chapel may also be booked for suitable events at other times through Stephen Laird.

Multi-faith prayer room

There is a multi-faith prayer room located in Rutherford College Seminar Room 18. Please ask to sign out the key at Rutherford Reception, and use the bookings diary in the room for group bookings. For further enquiries please email Revd Dr Stephen Laird.

Medway Chaplaincy

Lynne Martin is the Medway Campus Chaplain. Her office, Pilkington 004, is located opposite the main entrance to the Faith Space on the ground floor of the Pilkington Building.

  • Office number: 01634 883935
  • Mobile number: 07778 567097

See Lynne's blog and the Medway Campus Chaplaincy on Facebook.

Faith Network

Kent Union has a number of student networks. The Faith Network aims to establish a community, promote and raise awareness of faith issues to students, University and Kent Union, as well as to create and support campaigns. 


Our religious groups and societies have something for everybody. Year after year they put on some of the best activities on campus and attract large numbers of students.

If you like the idea of going on a day trip or if you want to help organise an event and make new friends then check out our religious groups and societies.

Faith and belief societies include:

  • Anglican Society (Christian Focus),
  • The Atheist, Humanist and Secularist Society, 
  • Believers’ Love World, 
  • Catholic Society,
  • Christian Union, 
  • First Love, 
  • Hindu, 
  • Krishna Consciousness Society, 
  • Islamic, 
  • Jewish Society, 
  • New Life Pentecostal Church Society,
  • Sikh, 
  • Salem Kent Campus Fellowship, 
  • UKC Pagan Society
  • The Redeemed Christian Fellowship.

Find more societies through Kent Union and The Hub

Report and Support

Report to the University and get support

We have developed an online reporting tool which empowers students to record details of incidents such as sexual misconduct and assault, harassment, relationship abuse or hate incidents, and get support from an adviser    

You can also find more information on each type of incident and the support available to you.

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