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Important Information: Statement from Stagecoach

There may be some disruption to the advertised bus times, especially on the Uni1 service, as a result of a national shortage of qualified bus drivers. The local Stagecoach team are working hard to reduce any disruption, but we recommend following us on Twitter @StagecoachSE for the latest service info. 



Take the Uni1 for easy access between the University and the City Centre. 

This route also passes both Canterbury East and West stations. 

The Uni1 stops at Keynes and Parkwood or Darwin on campus.

Uni1 buses are scheduled to run up to every 10 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays between the campus and Canterbury Bus Station (every 30 minutes on Sundays).



Jump on this bus to get to the University from Hales Place, or continue to Canterbury West station and the City Centre. 

The bus route passes both train stations in the direction from the City Centre to the University.

The Uni2 bus stops on campus at Keynes, Parkwood and Darwin bus stops. 

The Uni2 is a 24 hour service (excluding Sundays, bank holidays, Christmas and Summer vacation). Take this bus to get home after a night out in Canterbury.


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