SafeZone - The campus safety app for students and staff.


The University has launched a free service to help give round-the-clock safety reassurance to staff and students.

SafeZone is a simple-to-use application that’s free. It's designed to help students and staff summon first-aid, security or safety assistance via your mobile phone or Staff PC

The Mobile App

1. Install the app

SafeZone from Critical Arc, is available for download from the following app stores:

SafeZone on the Apple app store

SafeZone on the Google Play store

2. Register with SafeZone

Once you have downloaded the app, you must register for the University of Kent’s SafeZone service using your University of Kent email address. Once that’s done, you’ll be automatically redirected to our University of Kent secure single-on page. You can then log-in using your usual University of Kent login and password.

Once you are signed-up, calls for assistance using the app will be received by our Campus Security team. They will know your location and act on your request.

It's a free app for your safety

First aid

First aid
For when you need medical assistance


Campus notifications
If there is an incident on campus that requires you to take action


If you feel threatened or need urgent assistance


Quick access to the University of Kent switchboard

Check in

Check in
Share your location with Campus Security for your personal safety


Your location stays private unless you request assistance or check in

The Desktop App

Users of IS Staff Managed Desktops will have the application installed at some point after Wednesday 13th November 2019 and a desktop icon will appear. Users can identify whether they are using a Staff Managed Desktop by locking their PC and seeing if the ‘Staff PC’ wallpaper appears.

Users of unmanaged desktops and laptops can install the application from the Software Center application on their device, if they are on the domain. If an IT rep wants us to deploy the application to unmanaged desktops and laptops in their department, they can request this via Users can identify whether their PC is on the domain by looking for the presence of Software Center.

Users of unmanaged desktops that are not on the domain, will soon be able to obtain it via the IT services website to install themselves.

There is currently no desktop application available for Mac OS users, so these staff are encouraged to download the mobile app instead.

SafeZone regions

The SafeZone service is specific to regions that have been defined by Campus Security. You can find out what regions are covered by tapping ‘Regions’ on the SafeZone app menu and find out more about what to expect.

Connected Routes

Canterbury Connected Routes is a joint project between the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University in collaboration with various partners, agencies, stakeholders and commercial organisations.

The initiative aims to encourage students to travel along specific roads and footpaths between the two University campuses and in Canterbury city centre. Along these routes there is generally better street lighting; increased CCTV coverage (although not continuous coverage); higher patrolling regimes which at times can include Street Marshals, Street Pastors, BID Ambassadors, CCC traffic enforcement, private security for premises, campus security teams, the Police etc. (dependent upon geographic locations and timings). There are also refuge points along the route where students can go for help and advice if they are feeling unsafe or in danger.

Find out more about how SafeZone and Connected Routes work together.

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Last Updated: 17/10/2021