Coronavirus - Student Updates - University of Kent

Coronavirus updates for students

Our top priority is keeping you and our community safe while still providing the highest quality teaching and student experience.

This page outlines what you can expect in the new academic year and guidance we ask that you follow, including NHS and Government guidance. 

If these pages don’t answer your questions, email

What to expect in 2022-23

From September 2022, the vast majority of teaching will take place in person as well as loads of fun events for you to get involved in on our campuses.

Last year we saw the gradual return to pre-covid times on campus. Remote study will not be an option from September 2022. We understand that if you have been studying remotely that you may be apprehensive about coming to campus, maybe for the first time! We are on hand to help you through this transition.

So, if you have any questions or require support, please get in touch.

Covid contingency planning

Contingency plans are in place to ensure that the Divisions can adjust their teaching appropriately in response to staff illness or localised outbreaks of Covid-19.

To ensure that the quality of the student learning experience is maintained and that all learning outcomes and public, statutory and regulatory (PSRB) requirements can still be met, this may involve reassigning a teacher, rescheduling a session or placing certain teaching activities back to online delivery.

In the case of a widespread outbreak, advice will be sought from the local Health Protection Team and Directors of Public Health.

An example of possible outcomes is that practical activities may have to be postponed and re-scheduled. Any changes to teaching delivery will be communicated by your subject, Division or University depending on the level of the disruption.