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Student Parking

Parking on campus requires a permit to park. Spaces are extremely limited and eligibility for a student permit is restricted and can only be applied for in certain circumstances.

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Student Permit- outside the exclusion zone

If your term time address is outside the exclusion zone or hold a Government Blue Badge you are eligible to apply for a student permit to park on campus


Student Permit- inside the exclusion zone

If your term time address is inside the exclusion zone (including within campus accommodation) you are not eligible to apply for a student permit to park on campus

You may be able to appeal for a permit if you have a health condition or an exceptional circumstance such as a caring responsibilities.


Appeal for a permit

If you have a medical condition or an exceptional circumstances you can appeal for a permit

First please read our essential student parking information page.

Student Parking Essential information

Drivers be aware:

  • Regulations for the Management of Traffic & Travel applies to all persons.
  • All vehicles must be parked within a marked bay at all times, unless permission has been given by an authorized person in the Transport or Security team.
  •  8am-5pm Monday to Friday, all drivers must have a permit to park on campus, and must be in accordance to the permit issued.
  • Parking enforcement is in operation at all times.
  •  You must ensure that the correct vehicle is activated on your permit account on the day(s) you are parked on campus.
  •  If you have been issued a Daily permit, vouchers must be purchased and valid for the time that you park your vehicle on campus.


The University actively promotes its Travel Plan that aims to reduce single car occupancy and encourage sustainable travel to and from Canterbury City and Medway Towns, supporting improved air quality, low-carbon emissions, and active travel.