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Notice to all University Virtual Permit to Park users

The University of Kent permits for Staff, Students and Associates gives permission to seek for a bay to park (if space is available) and they are issued as virtual permits. This means if you have been issued with a permit to park you do not need to display the permit in your vehicle. All drivers require a virtual permit to park on campus between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

You must ensure that the vehicle you have parked on campus is marked as the active vehicle on your current permit before parking. If you have more than one vehicle registered; log onto your permit account, select My Permits, select the green vehicle button to go to the vehicle page and then select the correct vehicle to activate. If your permit only allows you to have one vehicle remove the old vehicle and add the current vehicle, ensuring this is ticked as the active vehicle.

Can I apply for a student permit to park?

You must be fully registered

Parking on campus is limited and it is essential we manage parking, as well as, actively encourage sustainable travel, to ensure those travelling from a distance and without travel alternatives can park on campus. 

Only students who live outside the local Exclusion Zone or hold a Government Blue Badge are eligible to apply for a student permit to park on campus.

The local Exclusion zones, which includes the student residences on campus and at Pier Quays, are identified by postcode. This means for all students living within these postcode areas are not entitled to purchase a permit to park at the campus they are registered too.

Canterbury exclusion zone

  • CT1 1**
  • CT1 2**
  • CT1 3**
  • CT2 7**
  • CT2 8**
  • Canterbury campus accommodation 

Canterbury exclusion zone map 

Medway exclusion zone

  • ME1 1**
  • ME4 3**
  • ME4 4**
  • ME4 5**
  • ME4 6**
  • ME7 1**
  • ME7 2**
  • ME7 4**
  • ME7 5**  
  • Pier Quays accommodation 

I live within the exclusion zone can I appeal for a permit?

Yes, you may be eligible to appeal for a permit if you have a medical reason or an exceptional circumstance.  Your appeal will be reviewed and a decision will be made based on all facts presented. Please ensure you follow the correct procedure to appeal.

Where can I park on campus?

Student permits are valid for blue zone car parks.

For a map showing the location of blue zone car parks around campus please refer to our Maps page.

Students who require parking within other car parks may be eligible to appeal for a permit if they have a medical reason or an exceptional circumstance that necessitates the student to drive to and from the campus.

What permits to park are available to students who are entitled to apply?

All students can choose which permit would be most suitable for them and allows permission to seek a space to park Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm on campus within Blue Zone car park(s).

Season Permits to Park 

allows students to park in blue zone car parks and can be issued for the duration of:

  • Academic Year: can only apply from 16 September - 28 February, and permit expires on 31 July each year.
  • 3 month: can only apply from 16 September - 01 July.
  • 1 month

Pay as you Go (Daily Permit to Park & vouchers)

Allows Students to purchase a permit to park to give permission to find a space on campus in Blue zone car parks. Parking can only occur if a virtual day voucher has been purchased in advance for each day the student wishes to park on campus. The permits to park can be issued for the duration of: 

  • Academic Year: can only apply from 16 September - 28 February, and the permit expires on 31 July each year.
  • 3 month: can only apply from 16 September - 01 July.
  • 1 month

Motorcycle permit 

Motorcycles are not allowed to be parked in any other location, except for motorcycle bays. There is no charge for this permit.

Government Blue Badge permit

There is no charge, student holders of the Government Blue Badge must obtain a permit to park and display their Blue Badge. This permit will be valid until the expiry date on your Blue Badge. 

How much does a student permit to park cost?

Usually charges for permits will rise on 01 August each year, irrespective of the duration of the permit or when it was issued.

Season Permits 

DurationCharge price
Academic year£26.35
3 month£10.38
1 month£5.57

Pay As You Go 

Students who purchase a Daily permit to park are charged at the time of application for the permit. Students will then need to purchase a virtual voucher in advance of parking for each day they want to park.

Duration of permitPermit chargeDaily voucher charge
Academic Year£3.5070p
3 month£2.7570p
1 month£1.5070p

How do I apply and/or login to my virtual account?

To apply for a student permit you need to complete the online application form:

1.   Prior to application, ensure you are fully registered on Kent Vision and your term-time address on is fully completed with the correct term-time address. 

2.    Click Log in to student permit account

3.    Select the permit category that you are applying for. Then select the permit type (note: for Pay As You Go permits select the permit type 'Student Daily Voucher')

4.    Click the 'Next' button and complete the application

5.    Await confirmation that the permit has been issued before parking.

If you are applying for a car share permit, you will need to complete the paper application form

On application the student will be required to select the campus that they require the permit to be valid for

  •  Medway only – for students studying at Medway campus
  • Canterbury only – for students studying at Canterbury campus

Students are required to notify the Transport Team if they move address to within the exclusion zone at any time or if they are no longer a student at the university during the time which the permit is valid for.

Periodic checks are carried out to ensure that the information supplied for successful applications is correct and circumstances have not changed. Where the information is found to be incorrect the parking permit will be revoked and appropriate action initiated.

How do I cancel a Student Permit?

Please email quoting the following information:

  • Your full name 
  • The date the permit needs to stop being active from 
  • If you hold a staff/student/associate permit 
  • If you have a ‘Season’ permit or a ‘Pay as you Go’ permit 
  • Your vehicle registration and permit account number 
  • The cancellation reason (eg "leaving the university or change to travelling by sustainable transport"). 

Note if a refund is applicable, they are made within 28 days back to the card that was used to make the original payment. If the card is no longer valid - a cheque will be sent to the permit address. If you would like the refund to be sent somewhere else than the one that is registered on you parking permit account, please give an alternative postal address in your cancellation request.

Season Permits  

Permits are refunded for each complete month remaining after the date the permit ceases to be active.

For example if a permit ceases to be active on 14th day of the month, the remaining full months from 1st day of the following month will be refunded.

Pay as you Go

Permits are not refunded, but any daily voucher purchased after the date the permit ceases to be active can be refunded to you. If you have any vouchers that have been purchased after the date the permit will cease to be active please provide the number of vouchers you have within your cancellation request.   

Rules & regulations for parking on campus

Parking enforcement is in operation at all times.  All persons must adhere to the Regulations for the Management of Traffic when using University of Kent private land. 

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