Car sharing is when two or more people share a car and travel together. With over 38 million empty seats on the UK's roads every day it is now starting to be widely recognised that car-sharing could be the solution to many of the UK's transport problems.

Car-share permits are not currently available

What is car sharing?

Did you know commuting accounts for 18 billion kg of CO​2 emissions every year – that’s 5% of the UK’s total emissions output. We all have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and sharing a lift is an easy way to do it. 

Filling empty seats also offers a host of benefits to the driver and passengers, making your commuting journey much more efficient.

Why car share?

Sustainable commuting

Single occupancy car journeys are one of the worst emissions offenders. Increasing car sharing by just 10% would save 1.2 million tonnes of CO​2e!

Save money

Not only will sharing help protect the planet but it also protects your pocket! Lift sharing is one of the cheapest ways to travel – with regular sharers saving over £1000 a year in travel costs.

Meet new people

We’re a community! Sharing with fellow students and staff provides an exciting opportunity to expand your circle. Meet new people and make friends with like-minded sharers.

Reduce congestion

Sharing a lift means fewer cars on the road. Fewer cars mean less traffic. Less traffic allows for happier, stress-less commutes for everyone.

Healthier communities

Heavy congestion leads to high levels of localised pollution which is damaging to our respiratory health. By sharing a car, you are reducing emissions and supporting your local community.

How can I find someone to car share with?

In support of the University Travel Plan, we have teamed up with The University of Greenwich and Canterbury Christ Church University to develop a private online car share scheme for staff and students via LiftShare.

To register with the scheme you will need your University email address and details of your journey(s). Once you have registered a journey the software will look for other members with a suitable match and alert you. It is then up to you to get in contact and make arrangements. You don't have to be offering a lift, you can also register as someone looking for a lift (or both). The more people that register journeys the better chance of finding a convenient match.

Please ensure you read the guidelines and download and complete an application form, which must be sent to the Transport Team, Security and Transport Centre, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7NQ

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