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September 2024 Arrivals

We look forward to welcoming you to Pier Quays

When should I arrive?

You should aim to arrive at Pier Quays for the start of your contract date. For most students, this will be on Saturday 15 September 2024.

As Pier Quays is managed by Unite Students you'll be asked to download the free My Unite app on your phone before you arrive.

Through this app you will receive further information about how to collect your keys/fob from reception and unload your car.

What documents do I need to collect my keys?

You will need to show one form of official ID (such as your driving licence or passport) to collect your keys/fob. Don't forget you will also have needed to have paid your first rent instalment before any keys/fobs will be issued.

It's also a good idea to return all your signed guarantor forms with proof of address and two passport photos before you arrive to avoid any delays in accessing your room.

You don't need your KentOne card (your student ID) to collect your keys but you can collect this from the Medway Student Administration reception 48 hours after receiving your registration confirmation email. 


Don't be shy about asking questions, no matter how stupid they might seem, because everyone is extremely friendly

Other essential info

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    When is Pier Quays reception open?

    Reception is open Monday -Sunday from 07:00 to 22:00.  

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    Is there parking available?

    Unfortunately, there is only limited parking available at Pier Quays meaning you will only be able to unload your vehicle and park on-site during your arrival slot period.

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    Arriving late or outside reception hours?

    If you expect to arrive outside normal hours, please contact Pier Quays in advance to ensure your keys are available to collect.  

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    Have a question not answered here?

    Check our Accommodation FAQ page for further information or contact us.   

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What to expect

Unite's student vlogger Emmy shares her advice and experiences about getting ready for university life.

You can also find out more about arriving at Pier Quays and what you need to know about check-in on Unite Students' welcome page.    

What do I need to bring?

It can be tough knowing what to bring with you, but there's a lot already included in your kitchen and rooms so be sure to check what's already included in your accommodation to make sure you don't double up on anything.

To get you started and help you settle in, we recommend packing the following:

  • Bedding: duvet, duvet covers and sheets
  • Towels and tea towels
  • Enough pots, pans, mugs, glasses, and food storage containers to get you started (you can always buy anything else you need after you've arrived).
  • Laptop, memory sticks, music, headphones and some stationary
  • Alarm clock (if you don't use your phone!)
  • Hairdryer
  • Clothes airer/coat hangers 

We also asked some current students to share their insights into what to pack. When you accept your accommodation agreement you'll also be given the chance to select any 'add-ons'. Here you can purchase any essential items you may need to be be delivered direct to Pier Quays for when you arrive.


Don't bring too much stuff but make sure you're going to be happy to live in the room you rent in terms of decoration

Unite Students

Pier Quays is managed by Unite Students, and their website has lots of information available ranging from the specifics of living in student accommodation in their Help and Advice pages to the student advice section in their Common Room.  

You'll need to download the MyUnite app which is where you can book your arrival slot, report any maintenance defects in your room and talk to your flat mates.

A note from us...

We all know how quickly things change, and we update our webpages and social media regularly to contain all the latest information.  

If you have any questions not answered on our pages feel free to contact us via email or social media.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kent very soon!