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Accessing support

Everyone adjusts to university life differently and from time to time, you may feel you need some additional help. This section gives you an overview of the different academic and personal support services available to you.

Academic support

Connect with your mentor

Academic Peer Mentoring (APM) partners current students with new students to help support their learning. Mentors give advice on good study strategies, course content, practical tips for student life and anything in between! APM operates in participating schools and is co-ordinated by the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS)

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Your academic adviser

You'll be assigned an academic adviser who can provide personalised one-to-one academic advice and guidance throughout your studies. They can advise on module choices, signpost you to the different learning support services, and help you review your progress.

How to find your adviser

Log in to your online student record and go to the menu item 'My details and study' and click on 'My details'. You academic adviser is listed near the bottom of your screen as your 'Tutor'.

Find my academic adviser

Academic office hours

All academic staff have regular office hours where you can either drop in or make an appointment to discuss topics raised in lectures/seminars, your progress, or any concerns you ay have. Times will be made available by your academic school.

Let us know if you have a disability

It's important you let us know about any support needs you have, even if you feel you don't need any help just yet. The earlier you register with the Student Support and Wellbeing Service, the quicker we can support you if you need it in the future. 

Register with Student Support and Wellbeing

Learning support

The Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS) provides a huge range of learning support, which is available to you at any stage of your studies.

Academic advice and guidance

Programmes and workshops

  • Skills workshops which cover a range of topics including Writing Well, Referencing your Sources, Planning a Dissertation, Effective Revision, Exam Techniques, Effective Organisation and Time Management, and General Essay Writing.
  • Events progamme for international and european students
  • Range of one-to-one sessions and workshops for postgraduate students
  • VALUE MaP Programme for mature and part-time students
  • VALUE Grad: Four programmes that cover the key challenges faced by Master's students

Learning resources

IT and Library support

There's a range of IT support available to you. We can provide free anti-virus protection, free and discounted software, training to improve your IT skills and even help you earn an IT qualification. 

Learning how to use the libraries effectively will really help your studies. Both the Templeman Library at Canterbury and the Drill Hall Library at Medway have subject-specific librarians and support desks and you can also attend orientation sessions in Welcome Week. You'll be spending a lot of time in your library, so these are highly recommended!

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Student Advice Centre

The Student Advice Centres at Canterbury and Medway can provide support and advice across a wide range of issues. They offer drop-in sessions, longer appointments and telephone appointments.

Not getting on with your house/flatmates?

Try to resolve any issues by talking to your house/flatmates first, but the College Masters and the Residents' Support Officers are  there to help if a problem can't be resolved easily. 

College Masters

You can speak to your College Master if you're experiencing any problems with non-academic related matters. They can offer advice, help and support and are a first port of call when you need assistance of any kind. All matters are dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Accommodation Office

Due to the heavy demand at the start of the academic year for University accommodation, we regret that applications for room changes are not accepted until early November. Any vacant rooms arising before this date will be offered to any suitable applicants not living on campus, who still need University accommodation.

Any student wishing to apply for a room change must complete the relevant form available at the Accommodation Office Reception Desk in Tanglewood in November.

Please note that informal exchanges of rooms are not permitted and may result in fines to the accounts of the persons involved.

Room changes in November are not automatically granted, usually due to a lack of suitable vacant rooms, and requests from students living off-campus will still be given priority over room change requests for any vacant rooms.  Once a transfer has been officially agreed, arranged and completed, there is a charge of £50 to cover the cost of administration and cleaning.

  • Reasons for moving that involve disputes or complaints with neighbours should first of all be directed to your College Master via email.
  • Reasons for changing that involve housekeeping or maintenance problems must be directed to the Housekeeping department in the first instance.

Residents' Support Officers

If you're living on the Canterbury campus or at Liberty Quays in Medway  there are a team of Residents' Support Officers who you can talk to if you're experiencing any problems with your accommodation.

Find the RSO for my accommodation

Buddy Scheme

Led by Kent Union, the Buddy Scheme matches you with a buddy based on your likes and dislikes, course, hobbies and language. Your buddy can give you advice, help you along your way at uni and suggest events or activities to do. 

Kent Union organise various events where you can network with other students. We encourage our buddies to meet at least once a week, but there’s nothing stopping you meeting every day. 

Find a buddy

Looking after your mental health

It's ok to feel out of place, especially in a different environment with people you’ve never met before. You might feel homesick or lonely at first, but these feelings should pass as you adjust to university life and start establishing a routine.

If you don't start to feel better, you might find it helpful to talk things through with our Wellbeing team of counsellors, advisors and student mentors. You can also get support from the students' union advice centre Seeking help will never be viewed as a weakness, and we have experienced and specially trained advisers who understand the pressures of student life.  

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