Peer Assisted Learning Leaders (formerly Academic Peer Mentoring)

The Peer Assisted Learning Leaders Scheme (PAL Leaders) is replacing the former APM model from 2023-2024. PAL Leaders will be experienced students from a stage above newer students who will support learning and build the confidence of students embarking on modules that are new to them. The scheme operates in participating schools and is co-ordinated by the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS). PAL leadership is a success strategy which helps students to make the most of their studies.

What is PAL?

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is a voluntary scheme which is flexible, confidential, and fits around the availability and preferences of both leaders and students.

PAL leaders operate as 'module champions'. Leaders are students who have completed a particular module, having demonstrated a high degree of competence at stage 1 or 2. They facilitate learning for new students to the module through discussion and exploration. PAL leaders are not teachers and they do not teach content. Rather, the emphasis is on how to learn independently, ask questions and seek appropriate avenues of academic support. It operates in participating schools and is co-ordinated by the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS). 

If you are interested in taking part or would like to find out more, please contact the Student Learning Advisory Service

Benefits of the PAL scheme

  • Encourages independent learning 
  • Improves student retention and attainment 
  • Facilitates communication between students and academics 
  • Builds a community of learning 

Benefits for PAL Leaders

  • Develop employability skills such as leadership, problem solving, and communication 
  • Enhance your CV and receive 45 valuable employability points
  • Consolidate learning to improve academic achievement  
  • Use your experience to support others and be a positive role model 

Find out more about being a mentor on our PAL Leaders web page. 

Benefits for PAL Students

  • Get help with aspects of the course
  • Gain confidence in your subject and academic skills 
  • Become an independent learner
  • Develop successful study strategies 

Find out more about the benefits of the scheme to you on our PAL Students page

Until we get testimonials from PAL leaders and PAL students, please listen to feedback from students who have benefitted from our previous Academic Peer Mentor scheme.

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