We are replacing the Academic Peer Mentoring (APM) scheme in which 'mentors' would be matched with individual 'mentees' to provide informal advice and guidance to help them with their studies. Under the new Peer-assisted learning (PAL) scheme, the PAL leader will act as a 'module champion', facilitating learning and understanding of specific modules with groups of students. However, a PAL leader can still meet with students on a one-to-one basis if mutually agreeable.

PAL leaders are usually from the same course* as students who would access peer assisted support. They will have previously completed the module PAL is linked to and can provide an informal induction to university conventions and the study skills needed for the relevant module. Leaders can choose which module they wish to lead on. Training and support is provided by trained PAL supervisors within the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS).

*The PAL scheme does not operate in the following schools:


Engineering and Digital Arts

Maths, Stats & Actuarial Science

The role of PAL leaders is to:

  • Meet with students on a regular basis (preferably following a lecture or seminar) 
  • Facilitate study discussion and practice 
  • Keep a record of the interaction 
  • Sign-post support services

The kinds of support PAL leaders offer are:

  • Discuss any issues students are struggling with on a module 
  • Assist understanding of the module
  • Share tips and advice on how to tackle problems 
  • Help with time management and organisation 
  • Chat about university life 
  • Sign-post support and resources

How does it work?

  • Complete the application form to be a PAL leader and we will get in touch with you: PAL leader application form
  • Your school will determine the suitability of your application
  • If your application is successful you will be enrolled on the PAL Moodle page
  • You will typically work with your PAL students in a group related to a specific module but you can meet one-to-one if mutually agreeable
  • Meet up regularly to check in with your PAL students  
  • Answer queries, discuss study issues and advice or signpost students to further support
  • Keep an attendance record of your sessions
  • Get rewarded with a certificate and Employability Points


SLAS provides compulsory training and additional development and resources via Moodle to prepare you to become a mentor. There is also a weekly drop-in session which provides ongoing support and a chance to share ideas with fellow mentors.


As a PAL leader, you will gain invaluable skills and experience to enhance your CV and stand out to prospective employers. You also provide a vital service to your fellow students. This is rewarded in the following ways: 

  • All PALs are invited to an annual awards ceremony hosted by SLAS and will receive a Kent certificate 

To find out more email slaspal@kent.ac.uk

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