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The to Kent Volunteering Scheme (KVS) has been designed to recognise and support the hard-work University of Kent students do when volunteering. To give you measurable rewards for your work, you should log your volunteering hours on the form below, and you will be able to progress through the levels of the scheme. Not only is this an excellent addition to your CV, but when you reach certain levels, you will receive support from staff in helping you to recognising the Graduate Attributes you have cultivated through volunteering and what you have gained from this. This will help you when talking to employees about your experience.
The levels of the scheme are as follows:

  1. 10 hours of volunteering recorded 
  2. 30 hours of volunteering recorded
  3. 50 hours of volunteering recorded – At this point, you have the opportunity to benchmark your skills in terms of Graduate Attributes.
  4. 100 hours of volunteering recorded – At this point, you will be able to meet with staff through a quick advice appointment to discuss what you have gained through your volunteering.
  5. 200 hours of volunteering recorded – At this point, you will once again benchmark your further developed skills in terms of Graduate Attributes.
  6. 1,000+ hours of volunteering hours recorded – At this point, you will receive a letter and a meeting with senior member of staff to discuss your experience and what you want to do in the future.

You are strongly encouraged to log your hours as often as possible and to keep this up to date. This will allow us to support you as best we can as well as ensure that your reward accurately reflects the work that you are doing.
If you have any queries, please feel free to email
The scheme is open from 1st May 2019 to 15th May 2020.

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