Workshops (Online Bitesize)


From September 2023 our Online Bitesize programmes on Skills Development (study skills, assignments and revision) and Numeracy & Statistics will no longer be delivered as live sessions. Instead, they will be available as pre-recorded 15 - 30 minute presentations. These sessions will be re-branded as 'SkillBuilder'. The SkillBuilder quick access content will be available throughout the year as backup to our live on-campus workshops. 

Summer 2023 - Support for resitting students

We are providing this series of online workshops during July to support your preparation for resit exams. To join a workshop click on DP19813: Online Bitesize Skills Development Workshops (study skills, assignments and revision) For the full timetable of workshop topics click on the schedule below.  

Numeracy & Statistics

This programme of standalone online workshops covers common topics needed for a range of subjects including basic maths for STEM subjects, e.g. units of measure, solutions, fractions, percentages, rearranging formulas, financial calculations; and understanding your data and statistical tests e.g. ANOVA, t-tests, SPSS, normal distribution. To join a workshop click on DP19814: Online Bitesize Numeracy and Statistics For the full timetable of workshop topics click on the schedule below.  

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