Publication scheme

1. Who we are and what we do

1.1 Legal Framework

1.2 How the institution is organised

- Arts and Humanities:

- Study of Law, Society and Social Justice:

- Natural Sciences:

- Human and Social Sciences:

- Kent Business School:

- Computing, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences:

1.3 Location and contact details

1.4 Organisations which the university has links with

- Validated Institutions:

- Partner Colleges:

- International Partnerships:

1.5 Student Activities

University of Kent’s Student Union: Kent Union (a separate organisation):

1.6 Gender pay gap reporting 

Each year the University produces a Gender Pay Gap report:

Gender Pay Gap Report - Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity - University of Kent

2. What we spend and how we spend it.

2.1 Funding / income

Financial Statements:

2.2 Budgetary and account information

Financial Statements:

2.3 Financial audit reports

Financial Statements:

2.4 Capital programme

Planning and Strategy: How We're Getting On - Kent 2025 - University of Kent

2.5 Financial regulation and procedures

2.6 Staff Allowances and Expenses

2.7 Staff pay and grading structures

2.8 Register of suppliers

2.9 Procurement and tender procedures and reports

2.10 Contracts


2.11 Research funding

Financial Statements:

2.12 Trade Union Facility Time Reporting

The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 came into force on 1st April 2017. As part of the Trade Union Act 2016, these regulations place a legislative requirement on relevant public sector employers, including universities, to collate and publish data on paid facility time for employees who are relevant trade union officials. In line with the publication guidelines set out by the UK government, we will publish this data annually.

The aggregated figures for each year are published and available to download in Excel or OpenDocument format from the government web page, Public-sector trade union facility time data - GOV.UK (

Trade Union Facility Time Data - Human Resources - University of Kent

3. What our priorities are and how we are doing

3.1 Annual Report

Annual Review and Reports:

3.2 Corporate and business plans

Planning and Strategy:

3.3 Teaching and learning strategy

Unit of the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching:

3.4 Academic quality and standards

Quality Assurance and Compliance Office - University of Kent

3.5 Data Protection impact assessments

Please contact us: for further information.

3.6 External review information

The Unit of the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching – Quality Assurance and Compliance Office web pages contain information relating to:

3.7 Corporate relations

Information relating to The University of Kent’s links with employers and the development of learning programmes:

3.8 Government and regulatory reports

3.9 Compliance with its duties under the Equality Act 2010

Equality and Diversity:

4. How we make decisions

4.1 Agendas, minutes and papers from governing body, Council/ Senate, academic boards and steering groups

4.2 Teaching and learning committee minutes

Please contact us at

4.3 Minutes of staff/student liaison meetings

Please contact us at

4.4 Appointment committees and procedures

5. Our policies and procedures

5.1 Policies and procedures for conducting university business

Policies and Procedures - Governance - University of Kent

5.2 Procedures and policies relating to academic services

- Latest honorary graduates:

- Committee and procedure:

5.3 Procedures and policies relating to student services

5.4 Procedures and policies relating to human resources

Human Resources Information for Staff: Staff Guide - Staff Guide - University of Kent

5.5 Pay Policy Statement

For further information please contact:

5.6 Procedures and policies relating to recruitment

Recruitment Policy and Procedures - Human Resources - Information for Managers - University of Kent

Come and join us! - Career Opportunities - University of Kent

5.7 Code of Conduct for members of governing bodies

A copy of The Charter of Incorporation for the University of Kent is available on the University web site and can be found on the following link: Governance - University of Kent

5.8 Equality and Diversity

Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity - University of Kent

Diversity and community - Staff Guide - University of Kent

5.9 Health and Safety

Guidance and Information - Safety Health and Environment Unit - Health Safety and Risk Management - University of Kent

Policies - Estates - University of Kent

5.10 Estate Management

Policies - Estates - University of Kent

5.11 Complaints policy

The following web page contains information and further links regarding Academic appeals and Student complaints: Student Conduct and Complaints Office - Student Services - University of Kent

5.12 Records management and personal data policies

Data Protection Policies: Policies and Procedures - Governance - University of Kent

Retention and Archiving Policy:  Policies and Procedures - Regulatory Framework - University of Kent

5.13 File plans

Contact the Freedom of Information team:

5.14 Research policy and strategy

5.15 Publicly funded research outputs and data

Research and Innovation Support:

5.16 Charging regimes and policies

6. Lists and registers

6.1 Any information we are currently legally required to hold in publicly available registers

The University is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office: Information Commissioners - Data protection register - entry details (

6.2 Asset registers

Refer to Financial Statements:

6.3 Information asset register

For more information, please contact

6.4 CCTV

Information available via: Building Security & CCTV - Estates - University of Kent

6.5 Information Request Disclosure logs

Previous Disclosures:

6.6 Any register of interests at the University

See Declaration/register of interests 2022-2023 for Council Members in Policies and Procedures - Governance - University of Kent

Please contact:

6.7 Register of gifts and hospitality provided to senior staff

Members of staff may not accept business gifts. See policy on personal benefit in Policies and Procedures - Governance - University of Kent

Please contact:

6.8 Senior staff's declaration of interests 

See Declaration Form/Register of Interests 2022-2023 for staff in Policies and Procedures - Governance - University of Kent

Please contact

7. The services we offer

7.1 Prospectus

University of Kent Courses: Order or download your prospectus - Courses - University of Kent   

7.2 Services for outside bodies

University of Kent Conferences: Conferences and Events - University of Kent    

7.3 Course content

University of Kent Courses:

7.4 Course fees

Student Finance: Finance - Help - University of Kent

Tuition fees - Help - University of Kent

7.5 Funding, such as grants and bursaries, available to students from the HEI

University of Kent Courses:  Fees and funding - Courses - University of Kent

7.6 Welfare and counselling services

Browse Guide pages - Help - University of Kent

7.7 Medical Centre

University Medical Centre: Health services - Help - University of Kent 

7.8 Careers Advisory Service

Careers Advisory Service: Careers Service, University of Kent, CES, CV

7.9 Chaplaincy services


7.10 Sports and recreational facilities

7.11 Facilities relating to music, art, and other cultural activities

Music at Kent - University of Kent

Gulbenkian Theatre/ Cinema / Cafe / Bar: Gulbenkian ( 

7.12 Museums, libraries, special collections and archives

7.13 Conference facilities

Details of conference facilities at the University can be found from: Conferences and Events - University of Kent  

7.14 Advice and Guidance

Student Learning Advisory Service can provide Advice and Guidance: Student Learning Advisory Service - University of Kent

For advice and guidance in specific areas, further links can be accessed through this page of the website. 

7.15 Media releases

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