You need your KentOne card to borrow from the Library.

How to borrow

Use a Borrow & Renew machine, available throughout the building, or ask for help at the IT & Library Support Desk.

Borrowing works the same during vacations as in term time.

Borrowing from the Templeman Library

What you can borrow

Current students and staff: 40 items in any format (books, multimedia, journals, ...).

Loan periods

  • 7 day loans: most items, including journals and document delivery books
  • 3 day loans: high demand and multimedia items
  • reference items: you can only use these in the library.

7 day loans and 3 day loans will be automatically renewed until someone else reserves them or you return them. Document delivery books will be automatically renewed up to 5 times.

Part-time students and students with Inclusive Learning Plans (ILPs) 

You get library items for longer, find out more about extended loans.


Use the Place Reservation button in LibrarySearch to get hold of an item:

  • that's on loan
  • from the Store or Reserve Collection (Kent Request Access)
  • from the Drill Hall Library (it may take up to 3 working days for these items to become available).

We'll email you when you can collect or view your item.

Where to pick up your item

When you reserve a 3 day loan or a 7 day loan, you can set which library you want to collect it from - Templeman or Drill Hall.

  • The Reservations Pick-up point in the Templeman Library is in the Welcome Hall.
  • The Reservations Pick-up point in the Drill Hall Library is by the self-service machines.

For some items, you need to go elsewhere:

  • document delivery: the IT & Library Support Desk
  • theses: the IT & Library Support Desk

Manage your loans, return dates and fines

Regularly log into your LibrarySearch account to keep an eye on your loans.

If someone else reserves an item you have on loan we'll email you. If this happens you must return the item on time, or you will get a fine.


We only fine you if you:

  • don't return a book in time that someone has reserved
  • don't return a document delivery book by the final due date
  • lose or damage a book.

How fines work

Fines are £2 per day per item

Fines will show in your library account: go to LibrarySearch and click Log In (top right). 

Fines over £10

If you have fines of £10 or more, you can't borrow any new items until you've cleared them to under £10. Your other items will still be automatically renewed and you can still place reservations. 

Lost books

The charge for a lost book is the replacement cost of the book, plus a processing fee of £5.50.  

Appeal against a fine

If you think there's a good reason why you shouldn't have to pay, you can appeal a fine (online form, Kent login needed).

How you can pay

  • In the Library:
    • card / contactless / KentOne card at the Templeman Library Welcome Desk, Block C, Ground Floor
    • card / contactless at the Borrow & Renew machine in the Welcome Hall
  • Online (on and off campus): credit/debit card: log into your account, go to the 'Fines' tab and click Pay now.

How to return books

Please return items at the external book drop by the Library Road entrance or use the returns machine in the Welcome Hall.

When the library is closed

Use the external book drop near the Library Road entrance.

To return an item by post

Please use a secure postal method or courier (they are sometimes cheaper) and send your books to:

Book Returns
Templeman Library
University of Kent
Canterbury, Kent

Problems with your library account?

Can't return a book

If you've lost a book, or we're asking you to return a book you've already returned or never borrowed, let us know.

Log in to LibrarySearch and click on My Account to view your currently checked out items. Click the Report a problem link to give us the details.

KentOne card not working

If your KentOne card isn't working at a self-service machine, please contact us.  

Can't borrow new items

Do you have fines of £10 or more? You need to clear them to below £10 to be able to borrow again.

Can't log into LibrarySearch

Check out this advice about your Kent IT Account, or contact us for IT help.  


Find out all the ways you can get in touch:

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