Student laptop loans

Student laptops are available to borrow for up to 12 hours for use in the Templeman Library and across campus.

Loan period and locations

You can borrow Templeman Library loan laptops for up to 12 hours. You'll need your KentOne card.

Campus laptops: for use across campus

  • Laptops from the self-service cabinet in the Library Café can be borrowed and used across the Canterbury campus.

Library laptops: for Library use only

  • Laptops from the self-service cabinet on Floor 2, Block C, are restricted for use in the Templeman Library only.

Loan chargers and laptop bags

  • Chargers are available for loan from the Welcome Desk, along with laptop bags if you’re using it outside the Library.

Borrow a laptop

Press Borrow on the screen on the cabinet and follow the instructions on the screen. 

  • You are responsible for returning it safely, so don't leave it unattended.
  • When you have finished with it, please return it straight away so it can be recharged for others to use.
  • Report any issues to staff at the Welcome Desk.
A video showing how to borrow a laptop from the Templeman library

A video showing how to borrow a laptop from the Templeman library  

How to use a loan laptop

You can use a laptop to:

You can't install any extra software on the laptop.

What’s included

  • All Office 365 tools 
  • Internet access and webcam 
  • Accessibility apps 
  • Citation tools 

Loan laptops work with wired and Bluetooth headphones.  

What’s not provided

  • Course-specific software 
  • Laptop accessories (eg mouse) 
  • Speakers (they’re disabled) 

Anti-virus and security checks

Library laptops run anti-virus software which is regularly updated.

Information Services cannot be held responsible for infections which spread to a user’s removable storage device; you are advised to check such devices when attaching them to another computer.

Follow our essential advice and guidance to protect your devices and data.

Where to store your files

Use your online OneDrive for easy access both on and off campus; or use your personal or departmental shared folder on the Kent network.

If you use portable devices, make sure you save a backup copy elsewhere too.

Return a laptop

  • You need to return it to the same cabinet/shelf as instructed on the screen. This is because not all the power cables are the same.
  • Plug the power cable back in to check it back in against your account. If you want a paper receipt, press Print Receipt.
A video showing how to return a laptop in the Templeman library

A video showing how to return a laptop in the Templeman library  

Conditions of use

Please follow our laptop loans conditions of use and abide by the Library and IT regulations when using them.

  • Laptops loaned from the Café self-service cabinet can be used across the Canterbury campus. 
  • Laptops loaned from the cabinet on Floor 2 are still restricted for use in the Templeman Library only. 
  • If you don’t return the laptop at the end of the 12 hour loan period, there won’t be a fine – but you won’t be able to borrow any other items until you do! 
  • We will charge you the replacement cost of the laptop and charger (if borrowed) if it is lost, damaged or not returned.


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