Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Individual cloud storage space for up to 1 TB of content. Accessible to students and staff, from anywhere, on any device.
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What it offers

OneDrive for Business is your individual work storage space in Microsoft 365.

It's easy to access from anywhere on any device with just a web browser or an app (android, iOS, Windows or Mac). No VPN or special setup needed.

Why use it?

To store the documents you have in your Z drive/home folder. We recommend moving everything in your Home folder to OneDrive to get the full benefits of its added functionality and ease of access, and to avoid potential confusion caused by working in two places. It has 1TB of storage so there's plenty of room!

Small-scale and temporary collaboration. You can email a link to individuals to let them view and/or edit a file in real-time (simultaneous editing). Teams offers more collaboration options, and should be used to store files that colleagues may need to refer to or use in future.

How to access it

Using a web browser

Using a campus PC

  • Go to File Explorer and select OneDrive for Business - University of Kent
  • You can now save new files directly into this folder

Download the OneDrive app

  • Download the Windows or Mac version from the web app (the download link in the bottom left corner)
  • Download a mobile/tablet version from your app store / play store.

Once you have the app you can save new files directly to the OneDrive - University of Kent folder on your device.

Security and sensitive data

Read this security and sensitive data advice if you're storing sensitive data and/or want to extra security to your account.

Copy files into OneDrive

If you've downloaded OneDrive to your PC, can save new files directly to the OneDrive - University of Kent folder on your device. 

Copy files from other places

Drag files into OneDrive and delete them from the original location to avoid having two copies in different locations. See this in action: Microsoft video on how to copy files into OneDrive

Consider moving the entire contents of your home folder / Z drive into OneDrive, so that you're always working from the same location on any device, wherever you are.

Share files from OneDrive

You can easily share files from your OneDrive with anyone in the University, including students.

  • Right-click on your file or folder
  • Select Share
  • Enter the name of the person to share with, and a message. Choose whether they get edit or read-only access.

See this in action: Microsoft video on how to move files into OneDrive


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