Staff: online data security

Staff advice about data security and working with sensitive data, especially when off campus

Storing sensitive data

When using all digital communication tools, make sure that you only share a document with appropriate colleagues or contacts. If you're not sure how to check who you are sharing files with, contact us for advice.

Where to save sensitive work

The following services are suitable for storing work containing sensitive data, as long as you make sure that only those authorised to access it can view it.

Sharing files with sensitive data

If you need to share files that contain sensitive data within the University and externally, you can do this from your OneDrive.

Software that accesses sensitive data

If you're the business owner of a Kent IT system that stores sensitive data, ask us about the benefits of the Remote Desktop Service to provide remote access for users.

Data compliance at Kent

More about data compliance at the University

Add an extra layer of security to your Microsoft 365 account

What Microsoft 365 is

Microsoft 365 is the service we use for your Kent email and University-provided Microsoft apps such as OneDrive and Teams.


You can add an extra layer of security to your Microsoft 365 account by asking us to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your account. It would only pop up when off campus or not connected to University Wi-Fi or the wired network.

MFA lets you add a second login prompt. Many of you will already do this when using other online services such as banking. 

How MFA works

  • Log into your email or any other Microsoft 365 service
  • Every 90 days you'll be asked to confirm your identity via either a text message or a Microsoft app on your phone (you choose the method you prefer)
  • This will only be for logging into an Microsoft 365 service such as your Kent email, Microsoft OneDrive or Teams, not any other University systems


If your Kent password ever gets compromised, your account is much less likely to be hacked.

Set your authentication options

You can only do this from off campus and/or not connected to the University network.

On your phone, download the ‘Microsoft Authenticator’ app

Then open a web browser and follow these steps.

  1. Sign into with your Kent IT details as usual
    i. You'll get an alert saying you need to provide extra information
    ii. Click OK and a QR code will be displayed
  2. On your phone, open the Microsoft authenticator app
  3. Click ‘add account
  4. Click ‘add work or school account
  5. Your phone will display your camera and ask you to scan the onscreen QR code. You've now paired your phone with your Microsoft 365 account.

The next time you try to log into a Microsoft 365 service from a new device from off campus / outside the Kent network, you'll get a notification on your phone asking you to authorise your device.

Your data when you leave

  • Information stored in Teams and SharePoint will persist when you leave the University. 
  • Information and files stored in your email or OneDrive will be deleted 30 days after you leave the University. Your line manager will have access to your OneDrive during this 30 day window. You'll need to manage your email and OneDrive before you leave and move any relevant files to shared storage spaces.

More about your data access when you leave


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