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SharePoint Online is our new staff intranet (KentNet). It lets us create websites to share information and collaborate with staff both within our teams and across the University.
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Introducing KentNet

SharePoint Online is being developed as a new staff intranet for the University. Named KentNet, it has just launched with a support website for site owners and editors to help you get started.

KentNet will replace SharePoint 2013 and any content aimed at staff on the external University website including the Staff Guide.

Key features

  • Websites for your department, division and smaller teams
  • Document libraries with built-in document management features to tag and organise content
  • Custom lists/databases to store and search information
  • Project management features such as task lists and timelines

Why we have two SharePoints

The University has used SharePoint 2013 for a few years, and it will continue to run until December 2022.

SharePoint Online is new, and offers us new features. It makes it easy to create visually appealing websites. It will fully replace SharePoint 2013 in December 2022.

Security and sensitive data

Read this security and sensitive data advice if you need to store sensitive data.

Help and feedback

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